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UWFox Mission Statement

Mission, Vision and Values

An organizational vision is a description of what it will be like, look like, act like and feel like when it has accomplished its mission.  An organization achieves its vision by successfully implementing action plans aimed at addressing strategic issues. A vision is a target for the future.  The organization’s mission defines the central purpose of the organization – who it is, what it does and why.  Values get to the core of how an organization carries out its work.  They act as a guide for how the organization operates and acts both internally and externally.

Vision Statement

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley will be an innovative and responsive educational leader, providing superior education to undergraduate students and improving the quality of life and work in the region. 

Mission Statement

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley delivers accessible and high quality university education providing liberal arts and pre-professional instruction that engages students in baccalaureate and professional programs.  The learning environment allows our students to seek and discover their potential for leadership, service, and responsible citizenship and encourages life-long learning.  UW Fox Valley serves our community through civic engagement by providing access to information, knowledge and cultural enrichment opportunities.

Value Statement

At the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, we value:

Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

  1. Small classes and personal attention
  2. High quality instruction enhanced by scholarly activity
  3. Guidance for students in goal setting

A Culture of Service

  1. Responsiveness to the needs of our students and communities
  2. Open accessibility to our resources for our students and communities
  3. Professional and institutional integrity

Organizational Effectiveness

  1. Effective and efficient instruction and support services
  2. High quality education at the greatest value in the UW System
  3. Energetic, forward-thinking personnel with a "can do" attitude
  4. Operations that are guided by principles of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.