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Interview with Albana

Tell us about your act! experience.

Albana, ACT! Graduate

Albana - act! graduate

I started the act! program in 2012. I choose this program because it gave me more flexibility with my classes. The classes for the program are also flexible and I was able to take some through the UW-System. A couple of the classes I had to go to about two or three times throughout the semester so flexibility was the thing that I liked best about the program. Also, I believe when I was looking around for a program to become a teacher the cost of this program was the most competitive because I live in Milwaukee and I couldn’t take and pay for the classes at UW-Milwaukee. Being less expensive helped a lot. Also, the other thing that I liked about the program was the financial support and the relationship created with the professors. The classes that I have taken throughout the program have been very beneficial because I created a relationship with the professors. Advice was always there, anything I asked I have gotten the answer right away, if I sent an email they responded right away, they are always there for support. I am now student teaching and Dr. Beeth has been there advising me and observing me so I am taking the advice that he gives very carefully, in a good way. I really don’t know what would have been my other path, but right now I’m happy with my choice. I know that even if I finish my student teaching now and get my license the advisors are still there for support. So that is something that I like because they even have financial support like the Noyce award and some other financial resources. I know that I can count on their advice and help.

Did you have any support while completing the porgram?

During the program my husband was supportive in the sense that I did everything very condensed in a year to year and a half with many credits through the same semester so my typical day during the last period this year was getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning and taking those classes online because I was taking three or four online classes. So he was supportive in the sense that “you need to do this” or “go ahead and finish what you’re doing.” My husband has a job so he said he could even support me financially, but it wasn’t necessary because I was already working. I was hired by Milwaukee Public Schools on an emergency license, so I was being paid while I was doing the program, but I still got support from my family.

What was the most challenging part of the act! program?

The most challenging part of the program for me was passing the PRAXIS, PRAXIS II especially. For me being out of school for 10 years the methodology of studying was challenging because learning online you need to plan everything carefully and I learned through that.

Do you have any advice for others who enter the act! program?

My advice to those just entering the program is to plan carefully with the exams that you have to take. Create relationships with those who are finishing now, with the schools, with the program advisors, any relationships that they can create would be good.