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Interview with Lisa

Any background information which you would like to share…

Lisa, ACT! Graduate

Lisa completed the act!
program in 2008 and
currently is a long-term
substitute in a Wisconsin
middle school.

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in 1991 and then was a stay-at-home mom for 15 years.  I then decided to get back into the work force.

Why did you choose to change your career to secondary teaching in math or science?

I was already a teacher of science, but wanted to make the move back to secondary education, and due to licensure restraints this was more difficult to achieve than first anticipated.  My school district hired me on the understanding that I would do what I needed to become licensed in a different discipline in science. Neither they nor I, knew how hard trying to obtain that license through a normal path would be.

Why did you choose the act! program?

I chose to get into teaching because I really enjoyed working with my kids in their own schools and thought it would be very rewarding to be able to share my interest in science with students.

What is your current profession?

I recently obtained my teacher license last May so I am currently subbing for the Oshkosh School District which has been keeping me very busy.  Right now, I have a long-term sub position in 7th grade science in the exact same room I did my student teaching in so I feel right at home.

How are you feeling about your decision to change professions?

I am thrilled.  It is a bit tiresome at times because I do put in a lot of prep time

What is the best part of the act! program and the alternative pathway to licensure?

The flexibility and personal contact.

What has been the most challenging component of licensure?

Student teaching was the most challenging part of the program.