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Administrative Departments

Dean's Office

Dr. Martin Rudd, Campus Executive Officer and Dean

Email:martin.rudd@uwc.edu, Office: Room 1120, Phone: 920.832.2610

Dr. Bill Bultman, Associate Dean

Email: bill.bultman@uwc.edu, Office: Room 1116, Phone: 920.832.2696

Juli McGuire, Dean's Office Manager

Email: juli.mcguire@uwc.edu, Office: Room 1118, Phone: 920.832.2610

Campus Services:

Email: Fox-CampusServices@uwc.edu, Office: Room 1108, Phone: 920.832.2641,
Fax: 920.832.2674

Business Office

Jim Eagon, Assistant Dean for Administrative Services

Email: james.eagon@uwc.edu
Office: Room 1109
Phone: 920.832.2613

Administrative Services:


Ane Carriveau, Director

Email: ane.carriveau@uwc.edu
Office: Library
Phone: 920.832.2675

Instructional Technology

Tom Frantz, Director

Email: thomas.frantz@uwc.edu
Office: Room 1719
Phone: 920.832.2719

Continuing Education

Cristina Zitka, Director

Email: christina.zitka@uwc.edu
Office: Room 1714
Phone: 920.832.2636

Barlow Planetarium

Alan Peche, Director

Email: alan.peche@uwc.edu
Office: Barlow Planetarium
Phone: 920.832.2852

Student Affairs

Carla Rabe, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Email: carla.rabe@uwc.edu
Office: SS Office
Phone: 920.832.2620

Building & Grounds

Dave Staerkel, Director

Email: david.staerkel@uwc.edu
Office: Room 1505
Phone: 920.832.2695

Aylward Gallery

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Dave Hager, Director of University Relations

Email: david.hager@uwc.edu
Office: Room 1121


Susan Rabideau, Director

Email: susan.rabideau@uwc.edu
Office: Room 1916
Phone: 920.832.2857

Weis Earth Science Museum

Dr. Joanne Kluessendorf, Director

Email: joanne.kluessendorf@uwc.edu
Office: Weis Earth Science Museum
Phone: 920.832.0125