University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (UW-L)

College of Liberal Studies


University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley (UW-Fox Valley)


UW-Fox Associate Degree: Associate of Arts and Sciences

UW-L Baccalaureate Degree: B.S., Archaeological Studies or B.A., Archaeological Studies

This agreement proposes a joint effort between UW-Fox Valley and UW-La Crosse to facilitate access of UW-Fox Valley students to a baccalaureate degree in Archaeological Studies at UW-La Crosse.

Agreement: It is in the best interest of UW-Fox Valley students involved in this agreement to complete the Associate Degree or a minimum of 54 credits prior to transferring to UW-La Crosse. In addition, the following requirements should be met:

  1. Completion of two laboratory science courses (in different disciplines) applicable to the UW-L General Education requirements if pursuing the B.S. degree; OR completion of a Foreign Language at the fourth semester college level or above if pursuing the B.A. degree;

  2. Completion of UW-Colleges courses equivalent to UW-L Arc 200, Arc 204, and one other three credit 200-level Arc course. Students must earn a grade point average of 3.0 or better in the Archaeology/Anthropology courses listed above;

  3. Earn a cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.5;

  4. Completion of the UW-L Application for Admission submitted 3-4 months prior to anticipated enrollment at UW-La Crosse;

  5. Completion of an application for admission to the Archaeological Studies major along with a written recommendation from the Archaeology Articulation Program Director at UW-Fox Valley. The application may be submitted following the last semester of coursework at UW-Fox Valley or may be submitted after the student enrolls at UW-La Crosse;

  6. Experience in Archaeology fieldwork is strongly recommended.

  7. Stipulations:

    Admission to the Archaeological Studies program at UW-L is by application. The requirements listed above are the minimum expectations for students applying to the Archaeological Studies program. This articulation agreement is intended to accommodate UW-Fox Valley students and provide a superior preparation for application to UW-Ls Archaeological Studies Program; however since admission to the Archaeological Studies program is competitive, all applicants will be evaluated on their merits using uniform criteria. Final admissions decisions will be based on evaluation of candidates and availability of space in the program.

    It is further agreed that:

  8. UW-FV and UW-L will work collaboratively to develop courses taught via distance education as the need and desirability for such courses are determined by the faculty;

  9. Regarding referral of pre-collegiate students interested in archaeology: a) UW-L Archaeology faculty members will inform appropriate students about UW-FVs programming in Archaeology; b) this articulation agreement will be summarized on the UW-L Archaeological Studies web page; and c) the UW-L Office of Admissions will be asked to cooperate in promoting this agreement with appropriate student;

  10. UW-FV students will have opportunities to visit the UW-L Archaeological Studies program, as arranged by faculty members at the two institutions;

  11. The terms and conditions of the articulation agreement may be reviewed annually by the Dean of the College of Liberal Studies at UW-La Crosse and the CEO/Dean at UW-Fox Valley (or their designees;

  12. This articulation agreement will be effective beginning in the Fall Semester 1999 and will continue until terminated by either institution as indicated in Item 12; and

  13. This agreement continues indefinitely. Should either party wish to dissolve the agreement unilaterally, it must notify the other party in writing. The agreement then remains intact until June 30 of that fiscal year which falls two years after notification. In the event of termination, students in good academic standing who enrolled with the intent of following the provisions of this articulation agreement will be assured of their prerogatives under this agreement. This provision is designed to allow both parties to engage in long range program and budget planning.


Course Equivalency Table

University of WI-Fox Valley

University of WI-La Crosse

ANT 100 Gen. Anthropology 3-4 credits


ANT 105 Physical Anthro. 3 credits

ANT 100 Human Nature/Culture 3 credits

ANT000L Elective credit in ANT 3 credits

ANT 102 Prehistoric World 3 credits

ARC 200 World Archaeology 3 credits

(Normally transfers as ARC 100 but for the articulation agreement, will transfer as Arc 200)

ANT 200 Cultural Anthropology 3 credits

ANT 200 Elective credit in ANT 3 credits

(Will NOT meet 200 level ARC elective for admission to Archaeology)

ANT 302 WI Archaeology 3 credits

ANT 200 Elective credit in ANT 3 credits

(Will meet 200 level ARC elective for admission to Archaeology)

ANT 308 North Am. Archaeology 3 credits

ARC 205 North Am. Archaeology 3 credits

ANT 314 North Am. Indians 3 credits

ANT 343 North Am. Indians 3 credits

ANT 353 Indians of the Western Gr. Lakes

3 credits

ANT000Y Elective credit in ANT 3 credits

(Will meet 200 level ARC elective for admission to Archaeology)

ANT 299 Independent Reading 3 credits

ANT 409 Elective credit in ANT 3 credits

(Will meet 200 level ARC elective for admission to Archaeology)

BIO 109 Concepts of Biology 5 credits


BIO 151 Introductory Biology 5 credits


Zoo 101 Animal Biology 5 credits

BIO 101 Intro to Biology 4 credits

CHM 125 Introductory Chemistry 5 credits


CHM 145 General Chemistry 5 credits

CHM 103 General Chemistry 4 credits

GEO 123 Weather/Climate 5 credits


GEO 124 Landforms 5 credits

ESC 101 Intro to Earth Science 4 credits

PHY 141 General Physics 5 credits


PHY 201 General Physics 5 credits

PHY 103 Fundamental Physics 4 credits


PHY 203 General Physics 4 credits

Credits earned at UW-Fox Valley do not apply to the Senior College Requirement at UW-L.