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Art in its many forms touches your life everyday. For example, applied artists designed the clothing you wear and the automobile you drive. Other artists create the editorial cartoons in the newspapers you read. Fine artists have painted, sculpted, and created works of art that have been a part of your life experiences. By studying art, you can gain a new awareness of visual experiences. Through art, you can have creative and expressive means of communicating your feelings and a greater zest for life.
You will spend your freshman and sophomore years at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley studying the sciences, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and oral and written composition. The junior and senior years at your transfer institution will be devoted to a large part of specialized course work in the visual arts.

Career Opportunities

Art careers require an education, which encourages the development of technical skills and aesthetic ideas. A person interested in pursuing an art career will be one who thinks creatively about posed problems, whether the problem is about what color to put on a painting or how a product can best attract a particular market.
No matter what career you choose in the visual arts, you will do best with a solid background in the fundamentals of art. UWFox’s classes in design and drawing stress eye-hand coordination and decision-making regarding the placement of shapes, marks, and colors—skills required by all artists, whether they work as oil painters, computer artists or interior designers. . Classes in sculpture or ceramic courses develop like skills with the added challenge of the third dimension, and are of great value to you if you are interested in a career in a ceramics studio or in architecture. Here are some of the career opportunities for the art student:

Art Instructor (Kindergarten through 12th grade) Art Historian Interior Designer Gallery Director Graphic Director Sculptor College Professor Textile Designer Painter Costume Designer Illustrator Fashion Editor Photographer Art Director Designers Film
Television Theater

Curriculum Guidelines

The courses may vary from one program to another. UWFox can offer you the freshman and sophomore curriculum needed to begin an art major. You should refer to the catalog of the bachelor degree-granting institution to which transfer is planned. You should also determine during your first year whether or not your intended transfer campus requires the submission of a portfolio prior to admission. The art faculty or Student Affairs advisors can help you plan a course of study at UWFox that will meet the requirements of the university of your choice. The courses outlined below are to be used as a guide. The beginning English and mathematics classes will be dependent upon placement scores.

Art Core Courses

Introduction to Drawing Intermediate Drawing Two Dimensional Design Three Dimensional Design Introduction to Sculpture Intermediate Sculpture Sculpture II Introduction to Ceramics Intermediate Sculpture Introduction to Ceramics Intermediate Ceramics The Artist and Visual Arts

Liberal Arts Courses

Oral / Written Composition Mathematics Social Sciences Humanities Natural Sciences


As an Architecture student you will take several art classes. At UWFox, our studio art facilities are well equipped to suit the needs of required coursework in drawing and design. The rooms are spacious with high ceilings and are beautifully lighted.

Academic and Career Advising

Faculty members are available to assist you within their respective discipline. Student Affairs advisors are available to assist you with both academic and career selection. The staff will help you to select courses to fulfill academic requirements for your desired majors. Advisors will also be able to assist you with career exploration through computerized interest inventories, resource materials, and job shadowing opportunities.

Further Information

  • E-mail address is foxinfo@uwc.edu
  • Web address is www.uwfox.uwc.edu
  • Career information web address is www.uwhelp.wisconsin.edu
  • Call the Student Affairs Office at (920) 832-2620
  • Write to the following address: Student Affairs Office University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley 1478 Midway Road, Menasha, WI 54952
  • Visit the campus Student Resource Room
  • Explore career options on WISCAREERS computer program