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Department of History


The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley History Department offers a full complement of introductory courses, including surveys of United States History, World History, and History of Western Civilization. Students can easily transfer these courses into general education requirements and major degree requirements in the University of Wisconsin System and in most private colleges. (See the appropriate institutional catalogues for details.) Besides these courses, the instructional faculty teach their courses based on their scholarly interests.

Department Members

Jean K. Berger, Ph. D., University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Associate Professor

Professor Berger teaches Western Civilization surveys, World History surveys (both ancient and modern), 20th Century World History, Modern Russian History, and Early Russian History.

Professor Berger’s research interests focus on social history in medieval Russia. Specifically, her work examines various aspects of the daily life of the household in Novgorod, Russia from the tenth to the fifteenth centuries. During the 2001-2002 academic year she received the Eugene Campbell Post-Doctoral Fellowship in History from Brigham Young University.

Professor Berger is very familiar with university life as both a student and a teacher. As a student she attended the University of WI-Marshfield, Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota, and the Institute for Balkan Studies in Thessaloniki, Greece. As a professor she has taught at the University of Minnesota, Illinois Wesleyan University, Brigham Young University, and the UWFox.

Steven T. Sheehan, Ph.D., Indiana University, Assistant Professor

Professor Sheehan teaches the United States History Surveys, World War II, Modern U.S. History, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and labor history. His research and publications focus on the history of popular culture, consumer culture and the working class in twentieth-century America. He is currently conducting an in-depth study of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats.

Michael O’Brien Ph.D., (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Emeritus Professor

Professor O’Brien, who taught at UWFox for thirty years, is now retired from teaching. He remains on campus, completing a biography of President John F. Kennedy.