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Department of Mathematics


Mathematical formulas and equations are at the heart of both everyday tasks and the mysteries of our universe. Through the study of math, you’ll develop the ability to better navigate the demands of daily life and understand the world around you in new ways.
Whether you’re looking to take developmental courses as preparation for other college work, satisfy general education requirements, or begin a math major, the UWFox Department of Mathematics will provide the solid foundation needed to move forward. We accommodate students with differing abilities, preparation levels, and goals through a curriculum that fits a variety of needs. Beyond the formulas and equations, your coursework will allow you to learn the role that mathematics plays in other disciplines, society, and the development of our culture.

For those who wish to become mathematicians, engineers, scientists, or any other professions that revolve around mathematics, you’ll find the coursework here to be an excellent preparation for both further study and work within the field of your choice.

Academic and Career Advising

Advisors can help you plan a course of study at UWFox that will fulfill the academic requirements of both your desired major and your transfer school of choice. Faculty members are available to assist you in their discipline, and Student Affairs advisors can help you with both academic planning and career exploration. You can also visit career information or stop by the campus Resource Room.

Further Information

For questions or additional information regarding the Department of Mathematics, please contact:

Dr. Younis Zaidan, Department Representative


Student Services Office