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It is likely that music touches your life everyday. By studying music you can gain a new awareness of sound through your experiences. Through music, you can have a creative and expressive means of communicating your feelings. Your education can be greatly enhanced by involvement in music at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley. There are a variety of musical experiences from which to choose. From classical to jazz to rock to pop, the musical life at UWFox is alive and vibrant. If you’re planning to major in Music, you’ll spend your freshman and sophomore years at UWFox studying core music courses, as well as those in the basic sciences, communications, mathematics, humanities and social sciences. Your junior and senior years at your transfer institution will be devoted to specialized courses for the music major.

Career Opportunities

Music majors have many career opportunities, including teaching (elementary, secondary, college/university), music therapy, performing, merchandising, publishing, computer programming, conducting, music ministry (church organist, church choir director), recording, and composing and more.
Vocal and Instrumental Opportunities The course of study for a major in Music typically falls into three areas: academic classes, applied study, and performance in campus ensembles. When you enroll at UWFox you will have the opportunity to participate in the various ensemble groups. Our performing groups are the UWFox Chorale, Jazz Ensemble and Fox Valley Concert Band. String players who pass the audition may receive credit for may also receive individualized instruction for a variety of instruments.

Curriculum Guidelines The courses needed may vary from one campus to another. However, the freshman and sophomore coursework will have many common components. UWFox can offer you the freshman and sophomore curriculum needed to begin a Music major. When you begin a Music major at UWFox you can obtain almost all of the courses required for the first two years. The courses outlined below are to be used as a guide. You should refer to the catalog of the bachelor-degree-granting to which they plan to transfer. The music faculty or Student Affairs advisors can help you plan a course of study at UWFox that will meet the requirements of your choice.

Music Core Courses

Music Theory I, II, III, IV (written skills)
Aural Skills 1, II , III, IV
Major Applied (Individual Lessons)
Ensemble (Instrumental or Vocal)
Music Literature
Music History

Other Music Courses

Fundamentals of Music Jazz History and Literature World Music History of Rock and Roll

Liberal Arts Courses

Oral / Written Composition Introduction to Public Speaking Mathematics Natural Sciences Social Sciences This curriculum may vary according to the specific program, undergraduate major and transfer campus. The beginning English and mathematics classes will be dependent upon placement scores.


The facilities in the music department include two rehearsal rooms for the instrumental and vocal programs, piano lab, computer lab, and practice rooms. Concerts are given in the UWFox Fine Arts Theatre.

Academic and Career Advising

Faculty members are available to assist you within their respective discipline. Student Affairs advisors are available to assist you with both academic and career selection. The staff will help you to select courses to fulfill academic requirements for your desired majors. Advisors will also be able to assist you with career exploration through computerized interest inventories, resource materials, and job shadowing opportunities.

Further Information

  • E-mail address is foxinfo@uwc.edu
  • Web address is www.uwfox.uwc.edu
  • Career information web address is www.uwhelp.wisconsin.edu
  • Call the Student Affairs Office at (920) 832-2620
  • Write to the following address: Student Affairs Office University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley 1478 Midway Road, Menasha, WI 54952
  • Visit the campus Student Resource Room
  • Explore career options on WISCAREERS computer program