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Associate Degree Requirements

Associate of Arts & Science

Get Your Associate Degree at UWFoxThe Associate of Arts and Science Degree will fulfill university-wide, college, and school general requirements at all UW institutions. Completing the requirements for this degree will demonstrate proficiency in math and English and knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines including humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

The skills and abilities gained will prepare students for baccalaureate and professional programs, lifelong learning, leadership and responsibility. Students should plan carefully with their advisor to ensure smooth transfer from the Associate of Arts Degree into a program in a major area of study.

Degree Requirements

  • A minimum of 60 credits is required. When completing these 60 credits students must satisfy one of the following: 
    At least 36 of the 60 credits must be earned in the UW Colleges, or, at least 12 of the final 24 credits must be earned in the UW Colleges.
  • UW Colleges General Education Requirements must be fulfilled:
    When you enroll at UW Colleges you, will take courses that fulfill certain general education requirements. The Associate of Arts and Science degree is a foundation for many majors in the University of Wisconsin System and is typically accepted by University of Wisconsin institutions as fulfulling the university-wide, college, and school general education breadth requirements. The AAS degree may not fulfill certain proficiency, major and/or program-specific requirements.
  • A student must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 earned at UW Colleges and 2.0 overall GPA in credits applied to the Associate of Arts and Science degree.

Core Requirements
Grade of C or better in or exemption from the following:

  • Writing: ENG 102
  • Mathematics: MAT 108 or MAT 110

Courses used to satisfy the writing and mathematics requirements and their prerequisites may not be used to satisfy a breadth requirement except that:

  • A core course or its prerequisite will be eligible for IS credit when it is linked with another course and meets the criteria and procedures specified in Institutional Policy 101.01 for Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • A student who earns credit in MAT 108 and MAT 110 with a grade of C or better in at least one of those courses may use the other course to satisfy part of the MS/NS breadth requirement.
  • A student who earns a C or better in MAT 124 or in both MAT 110 and MAT 113 may use the course(s) to satisfy part of the MS/NS breadth requirement.

Breadth Categories
Fine Arts and Humanities
Minimum of 9 credits including:

  • 1 fine arts course
  • 1 humanities course

Mathematical and Natural Sciences
Minimum of 11 credits including:

  • 8 credits in 2 natural science areas
  • 1 laboratory science course

Social Sciences
Minimum of 9 credits from at least 2 disciplines.
Application and Performance
Minimum of 3 credits.
Ethnic Studies
Minimum of 3 credits.
Courses may be counted toward another breadth category.
Interdisciplinary Studies
Minimum of 3 credits.
Courses may also be counted toward another breadth category.
A student who has met the core requirements and the other breadth category minimums may complete the 60 credit minimum requirement with courses in this category.

Applying for Degree: 


Anthropology Education


Art Engineering


Biological Sciences* English


Business Foreign Language


Chemistry Geography

Political Science

Communications Geology


Computer Science Geoscience


Economics History

Women's Studies

*Anatomy, Bacteriology, Biology, Botany, Forestry, Natural Resources, Physiology, Wildlife, and Zoology are all included within the Biological Sciences.