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At-Risk Program

UWFox caters to all of its students and provides the support needed for everyone to reach their potential, including students identified as at-risk. This program maintains requirements for students who are:

  1. required to take the LEA 102 course,
  2. admitted with academic deficiencies, or
  3. in final probation (see below).

Everyone in the program has a hold placed on their PRISM record that requires a meeting with the at-risk coordinator prior to adding or dropping classes. 

The Student Success Program

Students who are in final probation for any term are required to participate in the Student Success Program, which is designed to return students to good academic standing.

Course of Action

  • Receive notification by letter at the start of the term
  • Attend a large group meeting early in the semester
  • Select strategies to use and develop a plan for success contract
  • Attend a minimum of one individual meeting with the at-risk coordinator
  • Discuss the plan for success contract and change as needed
  • Provide coordinator with mid-term grades
  • Implement the success plan
  • Meet with coordinator again as needed

For questions or additional information regarding the At-Risk Program, please contact:

Ted DuFour, Program Coordinator
(920) 832-2811