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Academic Planning Checklist

Suggested List:

Print and complete checklist. Maintain an academic planning folder. Insert this in the folder and bring to appointment when meeting with an advisor.

Name__________________ Semester______________

Semesters completed?______________ Intended Major?____________

Intended Transfer Institution  ___________________

1. How much time each week will I need to spend outside of classes for my scheduled classes? _______________________

(A credit generally represents one hour of class work per week during the semester. For each hour of class time, you will be expected to spend three hours of outside class time. Number of credits ____x 3 = _____)

2. How many hours each week am I planning to spend on a job or other responsibilities? _________________

(Use the College/work chart)

3. Will the hours spent on courses and job fit in the available hours in a week? Yes__________ No_________ Maybe______

(Use the daily schedule)

4. What resources am I using to make a tentative list of course selections? __________________________________

(Common resources are the Timetable, Transfer Planning Guides and catalogs in the Student Resource Room, Associate Degree Planning Guide)

5. What campus support help may assist you in being successful at UW Fox Valley?

(Please check the following)

Tutoring ____ Disability services ______ other ______

Financial Aid Information _____ Study tips/time management _______