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Admission Requirements for New Freshman

If you’re a new freshman applicant to UWFox, you need to satisfy the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission.

  • Graduate from a recognized high school, obtain a GED, or present other evidence of an ability to begin college-level work.
  • Take the ACT as well as the English and math placement tests (some applicants may be required to submit scores prior to an admission decision).
  • Complete the necessary prerequisite coursework listed below.

Core Requirements (13 credits)

  • 4 credits English (composition, literature and/or speech)
  • 3 credits Math* (algebra, geometry, and higher)
  • 3 credits Social Science
  • 3 credits Natural Science**

Elective Requirements (4 credits)

  • Electives can be courses in foreign language, computer science, fine arts, or any other academic areas.
  • Applied courses (Tech Prep/Vocational) will be accepted on an individual basis.

* Applicants who complete Applied Math II, geometry, and advanced algebra may be deemed to have satisfied the math requirement.

** One year of Principles of Technology will equate to one credit of Physical/General Science. Two years of Principles of Technology will equate to one credit of Physics.

All admissions/registrations are subject to enrollment limits. For questions or additional information regarding admission requirements, please contact:
Student Affairs at: 920-832-2620