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PRISM for Fac/Staff Advisors

PRISM Directions for Faculty/Staff Advisors

Advising Summary Report

  • UW Colleges
  • Student Records
  • Student Advising Report
  • Add New Value
  • Enter Student ID, or Click on magnifying glass to use name search
  • Add a row by clicking on + symbol if needing to generate report for more than one student
  • Click on Process Transcript
  • Click on Report List
  • Click on tab labeled Administration
  • Click on Refresh button in yellow
  • When it says posted, click on Details
  • Click on file list “ZSRRQMNT”

Removing Advisor Holds

An Advisor Hold Service Indicator will be placed on all currently enrolled students who will have less than 30 completed credits at the end of the semester

  • Log into PRISM
  • Select Campus Community
  • Under the heading, Service Indicators, select Service Indicator Data
  • Enter student information– either student Id or name
  • Click the Search button. (If you see more than one student with the same name, you will need to verify that student with an ID# or date of birth. The student ID# is also listed on your advisement page under view advisees.
  • You are now on the service indicator page for the student’s information you entered. Make sure you have the Service Indicator Code = SAD and Service Indicator Reason Code= AAH. If this service indicator does not appear, click on the View All
  • To remove the service indicator, click on the release button in the appropriate box with the SAD and AAH.
  • Your last step will be to click on the save button on the bottom left side.

Unofficial Transcripts

  • UW Colleges
  • Student Records
  • Inquire
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Add New Value
  • Unofficial Transcript Detail
  • Click on the hour glass and enter the students name
  • Click on Report List
  • Process Transcript
  • Refresh until you see the word “details”
  • Click on the word details (in blue ink)