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The Writing Pad's mission is to encourage the growth and development of all UWFox student writers by teaching skills and strategies that can be applied not only to the writing at hand but to future writing as well. We view writing as a powerful learning tool that can both communicate existing ideas and uncover new ones. Because it is a process that cannot ever be fully mastered, we believe all writers can benefit from discussing their work in progress and sharing drafts with trusted readers.

We support both students and the instructors who include writing projects and assignments in their courses.

How can I encourage my students to make use of the Writing Pad?

You are welcome to include information about the Writing Pad on your course syllabi. Feel free to discuss our services on your own.

If you would like a Writing Pad staff member to attend one of your classes in order to provide a brief (5-10 minute) overview of our services, please email Christina Cavacos indicating the course title, meeting times, and location so a classroom visit can be arranged.

Any efforts to help inform students about us are greatly appreciated!

Can I require students to visit the Writing Pad?

Our services are most effective when students come in on a voluntary basis, eager and willing to interact with a consultant. In addition, if entire classes were required to come to the Writing Pad prior to an assignment due date, we wouldn't be able to accommodate the students who seek out our help because they want to. For these reasons, we ask instructors not to require their students to visit the Writing Pad.

Will I know if my students do visit the Writing Pad?

Writing Pad sessions remain confidential unless a student specifically requests that their consultant notify an instructor. In these instances, an email notification will briefly explain what was covered during the session.

Do you proofread students' papers?

In keeping with the guidelines of the International Writing Centers Association, Writing Pad staff members are trained as consultants and not editors. As such, we will not edit or proofread students' papers for them; however, we are more than happy to help writers identify and understand grammatical, stylistic, and structural problems so they are better prepared to catch and fix errors on their own.

What if I've had students who would be excellent peer consultants?

If you know students who would excel as Writing Pad peer consultants, please do encourage them to apply. We're always on the lookout for talented writers who enjoy helping their fellow students.

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