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Writing Center Director

Writing Tip: Try to get started on an assignment as soon as you can, even if you only sit down and try to brainstorm a little. Your mind will subconsciously continue to ponder the assignment, and when you return to it, you will be surprised at all of the ideas you have.


Will Talbot Will Talbot

Peer Consultant Since: Fall 2013

Major: Math & Physics

Writing Tip: Find what it is you do well. Take what you know about that and find a way to do the same in what you don't do as well.


JackJack Mongin

Writing Tip: The earlier you start, the easier it will be. Try to write daily.



HannahHannah Olson

Writing Tip: Allow yourself enough time to complete a rough draft and then set it aside for a while. Working on a paper for too long can cause you to get caught up in it. Taking a break and returning to it later gives you the ability to better see what it is that you wrote and how you can improve.


AimeeAmy Maher

Favorite song: Soul Cake by Sting. It's from a winter album and has its roots in medieval England. It also reminds me of my favorite author, Charles Dickens, and many of his young characters.

Movie: The Goonies. It's the movie of my childhood. A band of misfits conquering their fears and coming out on top? That's good stuff. As an adult, I'd have to choose Under the Tuscan Sun. I do love a good accidental metamorphosis.

Book Series: I know this sounds cliche', but The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The polarity between good and evil, immortality and death, fate or free will, the deep well of courage in people least expected, tenacity, friendship, great beauty,
the passage of time; it's no surprise to me these novels are still relevant generation after generation!

AmberAmber Beistle

Major: Accounting
Writing Tip: ​Pre-writing is important. Getting your thoughts on paper and looping back on important ideas will help shape your paper.


HallieHallie Cuomo

Food:  Granola
Movie:  Spirited Away
Anime:  Sailor Moon
Major: Biological Engineering




Nugget Nugget picture

Mascot Since: Fall 2012

Writing Tip: Just keep pecking away!


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