Community First Lobby and Reception Terrace

General Use Reception Terrace

  • The Community First Credit Union lobby is the point of access to balcony seating for Perry Hall and to the Reception Terrace.
  • The Reception Terrace is open on special occasions (receptions, performance intermissions, nice weather, etc.).


  • Base rental fee for a private or Corporate event is $110 per hour
  • Base rental fee for non-profit, 501 c3 is $68 per hour

Dimensions/Square Feet

  • The lobby is approximately 4,200 square feet.
  • The Reception Terrace is 2,349 square feet.

Special Features

  • The elevator to the 1st floor is in the northwest corner of the lobby.
  • The lobby provides a nice view of the rest of the campus, from the fieldhouse to the Barlow Planetarium.

Schedule a Visit

Contact Info

CAC Events Coordinator

Terri Perkins
Phone: 920-832-2889

For technical questions please contact

Erick Gyrion, Technical Director
Phone: 920.832.2657
Cellular: 920.707.0774