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Scholarships are a big reason many students are able to pursue their goals and dreams through higher education. So cut the cost of your college expenses, and gain recognition for all your hard work by submitting an application.

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Foundation, Inc. awards scholarships to both full and part-time students. General criteria include:

  • Financial Need
  • Academic Merit
  • Motivation
  • School/Community Involvement

Scholarship Applications

Scholarship applications are typically available in mid-November. Only 1 application is required to be considered for all Foundation sponsored scholarships; a committee matches the awards with eligible students based on the general criteria and any additional specifics provided by the donor. Please note that you must be admitted to UWFox before you will be considered (new students only).

UWFox Scholarship Program

Additional Information

For questions or further details regarding applying for scholarships, please contact:

Brenda Rickert

For information about establishing named scholarships, please contact:

Mary Beth Leopold,

List of Scholarships

The following is a list of scholarships established with generous gifts from alumni, faculty and staff, the corporate community and friends of UWFox and by proceeds from e.a.t.s. (educational assistance through scholarships), the foundation’s annual signature fundraiser. Each scholarship is greatly appreciated, especially by the students who would not be able to start or continue their education at UWFox without this financial support.

Endowed Scholarships

These named scholarship funds, established in honor of the donor(s) or in memory or honor of a loved one, provide permanent recognition. The principal is endowed and only the earnings are used annually to fund each scholarship.

Minimum gift levels are required to establish a named scholarship fund. Please contact the Foundation office at (920) 832-2849 for further information. We gratefully acknowledge the donors of the following endowed scholarships:

J. C. Bubolz Memorial Scholarship
Established by the Bubolz and Anderegg families in 2002 to honor the memory of J. C. Bubolz who did not have the opportunity for higher education having been taken out of school before finishing 7th grade but helped his three children to earn advanced degrees. This scholarship is awarded to a science or humanities major with at least a 3.5 GPA.

Howard and Alice Curler Academic Excellence Scholarship
Established in 1996 by Howard and Alice Curler to provide four 4-semester scholarships to incoming students who rank in the top 20% of their graduating class.

Fanchon B. Smith Scholarship
Endowed in 2013 by the Carla and Todd Rabe Family and the James and Fanchon Smith Family for a non-traditional student. The scholarship will be awarded for the first time in the spring of 2014.

William Guither Math and Natural Science Scholarship
Was originally established in 1981 as a physical science scholarship by the physical science faculty and staff. In 1989 additional funds were raised to endow the scholarship and rename it in honor of Emeritus Professor William Guither as a gift presented to him upon his retirement.

Elizabeth Guttenberg Memorial Scholarship
Established by her parents in 2005 to honor the memory of their daughter. Additional funds were contributed by relatives, friends, faculty, and Elizabeth’s classmates at UWFox. This scholarship was awarded for the first time for the 2006-2007 academic year.

Health Sciences Scholarship
Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences James Hauxhurst established this scholarship in 2000 and endowed it in 2006. It is available to a continuing student majoring in any of the health sciences.

Verne Imhoff Scholarship
Established in 2006 through a generous bequest made by Vivian K. Imhoff, the wife of LaVerne J. Imhoff, the first full time director at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley. He served the university from 1957-65 and was instrumental in leading the campus to its present location. Dr. Imhoff passed away in May, 1997. Vivian Imhoff’s gift was endowed and the earnings from that investment were awarded for the first time to a deserving student in 2008.

Charlie & Loie Kliefoth Scholarship
Established in 1992 by alumnus Charles Kliefoth to provide a scholarship for a history major. It was renamed to include the name of his beloved wife Loie who passed away in March, 2005, and whose memorial gifts were added to the fund.

Sara Ruth Krueger Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1997 by Sara’s parents to honor her memory. In addition to this scholarship, the Kruegers contribute to the UWFox Children’s Center where Sara worked while she was a student here. This scholarship is awarded to a student who majors in psychology, education, child development, or social welfare.

Minock Nursing Scholarship
Established in 2002 by Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences Michael Minock for a student who has completed 24 credits, which include pre-nursing courses, and intends to pursue a four-year degree in nursing.

John D. Silha Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1992 to honor the memory of Emeritus Professor John D. Silha by his wife, Dorothy. This scholarship is awarded to continuing students who demonstrate involvement in extracurricular activities involving school, church and community. Faculty members continue to add to this fund.

Esther Kliefoth Stutzman Excellence Scholarship
Established in 1998 by alumnus Charlie Kliefoth to honor the memory of his sister. The recipient of this scholarship must be an excellent student regardless of major.

Lynn and Roger Van Vreede Scholarship
Established in 2007 by alumnus Roger Van Vreede and his wife Lynn for a new or continuing student attending UWFox. Roger served on the board of directors of the UW-Fox Valley Foundation for many years, serving as its president and as chairman of e.a.t.s.

Patricia A. Warrick Scholarship
Established in 2006 by Emeritus Professor of English Patricia Warrick who began teaching at UWFox in 1966 and retired in 1995.

Private and Corporate Scholarships

Private and corporate philanthropy are vital to the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
Foundation’s mission to assist deserving students with financial need to pursue their dreams of earning a college education. The following scholarships are funded each year by generous alumni, faculty, organizations, corporations, and other friends of UWFox. We are most grateful for their strong ongoing support which has made the following scholarships possible:

Ken & Ruth Anderson Theatre Scholarship
This scholarship honoring the retirement of Emeritus Professor Ken Anderson was established in 2001 by Professor Susan Rabideau. The recipients must be full-time students who are involved with at least one theatrical production each semester.

Margaret Bartlett Memorial Scholarship
Emeritus Professor of Physcial Education Michael Spencer established this scholarship in 2011 in memory of his sister, Margaret Bartlett. The recipient of this scholarship must demonstrate financial need.

William R. Bassett Engineering Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2011 by Bassett Engineering on the 75th anniversary of their company and to honor, William Bassett, the Chairman of the Board. It will be awarded to two students in the UWFox/UW-Platteville Mechanical Engineering Program who demonstrate significant financial need.

Bouwer Family Foundation Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2012 for Hmong, Laotian, Cambodian or Thai students with demonstrated financial need. The students must be full-time with a 2.5 GPA.

Business Club Continuing or Departing Student Scholarship
The Business Club in 1980 established a scholarship for a continuing or departing student majoring in business. The recipient is chosen by the business faculty.

Business Club New Student Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 1980 for a new student in the top one-fourth of their graduating class planning to attend full-time and major in business or economics. Funds for this scholarship are raised by the Business Club

Business Leadership Network Woman’s Scholarship
These women entrepreneurs and executives from the Fox Valley foster growth and education of women seeking success- ful career development. Their scholarship established in 2003 is awarded to a full-time career oriented woman student.

Dave Champeau Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2012 by Professor Emeritus Michael Spencer, this scholarship honors the memory of Dave Champeau, an alumnus of UWFox who passed away in 2011. The scholarship is earmarked for a new student from Appleton East High School.

Chemistry Club Scholarship
This scholarship, established in 2005, is for a full-time Chemistry, pre-med, pre-pharmacy or related field major with a 3.0 GPA. The award is to be used to purchase class room materials.

Community First Credit Union Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2004 to be awarded to a new or continuing full-time student with financial need and a minimum 3.0GPA.

RR Donnelley Foundation Scholarship
The Banta Corporation Foundation established these scholarships in 1986 to provide scholarship assistance for up to six full-time new students from the Appleton, Neenah or Menasha area.  When RR Donnelley bought Banta Corporation, they decided to continue to fund these six annual scholarships through their company’s foundation.

Excellence in Humanities Scholarship
Professor Dan Putman established his Excellence in the Humanities Scholarship in 1996. The award is given to a new or continuing student interested in or majoring in one of the following disciplines: philosophy, art, music, English, foreign languages, fine arts, or communication arts.

Fox Cities Amateur Sports Authority Scholarship
Established in 2008, the money contributed by this organization enables the UW-Fox Valley Foundation to provide scholarship assistance for five to seven students who show financial need. The amounts of the scholarships were increased in 2013.

Fox Communities Credit Union Scholarship
In 2003, the Fox Communities Credit Union established a scholarship for a new or continuing full-time student with a minimum 3.0 GPA demonstrating  financial need.

Guardian Life Insurance Company Scholarship
Guardian Life Insurance Company established the Guardian Angel Scholarship in 2008 for a UWFox student who maintains a C average or better and is at least a part-time student.

Johnson Bank and Johnson Insurance Scholarship
This scholarship, established in 2012 supports a student with financial need who is interested in majoring in finance, marketing, business or a related field.

Johnson Family Scholarship
Sally Johnson, an alumna of UWFox, former staff member at UWFox, and continuing education student at UWFox established this scholarship in 2004 for a full-time nontraditional  student of any major.

Ethel D. Keller Scholarships
The J. J. Keller Foundation provide scholarships annually to honor the memory of Ethel D. Keller. Established in 2005, these scholarships are awarded to new or continuing students demonstrating financial need and interested in business or engineering.

Infant Welfare Circle of Kings Daughters Scholarship
The Infant Welfare Circle of Kings Daughters established this scholarship in 1988 to be given to a student who best demonstrates a combination of academic achievement, financial need, maturity, and well-reasoned career plans.

Veldor Kopitzke Scholarship
Established in 2004 by Emeritus Professor of Economics Veldor Kopitzke, the scholarship is awarded to full-time students of business or economics.

Gary McGoey  Scholarship
UWFox Alumnus Gary McGoey established this scholarship in 2004 for any student who demonstrates financial need.

Theda B. McLaren Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2008 by David McLaren in memory of his mother, Theda McLaren, Associate Professor of Communication  Arts from 1977-2001, who passed away in 2006, this scholarship is to be awarded annually to a new or continuing student who is a single mother demonstrating  financial need.

Menasha Utilities Scholarship
Established in 2006, this scholarship is available to a full-time new or continuing student who is a resident of Menasha and majoring in a field related to electric or water utility.

Mid-Day Women’s Alliance Scholarship
The funds for this scholarship come from the members of the club and their fund raising activities. The recipient must be a nontraditional woman student majoring in the field of her choice.

Ruth & Sarah Mielke Educational Grants
Awarded annually since 2000 by the Mielke Family Foundation in honor of Ruth and Sarah Mielke. Appleton and Shawano residents are given priority for these grants awarded to any student who has successfully completed 25% of the credits needed for an associate degree. Students are considered who may have a different motivation for attending college such as a changing awareness of the role of education for future life success.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Scholarship
Established in 2012 and funded by the Illinois Tool Works Foundation, ten scholarships are awarded annually for ethnic minorities and/or women with financial need committed to pursuing engineering degrees through the UW-Fox/UW-Platteville collaborative engineering program.

V.I. Minahan Journalism Scholarship
Marilee Minahan established this scholarship in 2004 to honor the memory of her husband, who for many years, was the publisher of The Post Crescent. The recipient must be a full-time new or continuing student with a demonstrated interest in journalism.

Neenah/Menasha King’s Daughters Scholarship
Established in 2013 for a full-time non-traditional  student demonstrating  financial need.

Neenah Rotary Scholarship
The Rotary Club of Neenah established this scholarship in 2000 to be given to a student who graduated from Neenah High School or St. Mary’s Central High School attending UWFox. In 2013 six scholarship were made available by the
Rotary Club.

Northeastern Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance Scholarship
Two scholarship were established in 2013 for junior or senior level students with financial need who are committed to completing the UW-Fox/UW-Platteville  Engineering Program.

The Post-Crescent/Gannett Foundation Scholarship
The scholarship was established in 2008 to provide scholarship assistance to new or continuing non-traditional students demonstrating  financial need.

Rotary Club of Appleton Non-Traditional Scholarship
The Rotary Club of Appleton annually funds a scholarship for a non-traditional student who lives in Appleton and who has completed 25% of a course of study leading to an associate degree or its equivalent.

Doug & Carla Salmon Foundation Scholarship
For many years, the Salmon Foundation granted financial assistance and emergency loans to students. The Foundation now focuses on scholarships. The many recipients are interviewed by the Salmon Selection Committee. These scholar- ships may be renewed if the students remain focused and committed to their academic field. As many as 23 scholar- ships have been awarded each year.

Scheels All Sports Scholarship
This scholarship, established in 2004, is for a full-time continuing student who is a physical education major.

Sloan & Gerard Fine Arts Studio Scholarship
Established by Debra Sloan and Roger Gerard for talented continuing art students. Recipients are recommended by the art faculty at UWFox.

Michael Rogers & Melanie Schroeder Student Association Scholarship
The UWFox Student Association Scholarship, named after two outstanding students who were active in the student association, awards a scholarship to a student who is active in extracurricular  activities. The money comes from various fundraisers held by the members of the Association.

ThedaCare Pre-Nursing Scholarship
Awarded to a continuing student who is interested in a career in nursing and in seeking employment in the ThedaCare system.

Lynn and Roger Van Vreede Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
This full tuition scholarship was established in 2013 by Lynn and Roger Van Vreede for a single mother with proven financial need.

Van Wyk Family Scholarship
Alumna Linda Van Wyk and husband Tom have funded this half tuition scholarship for a business major since 1993.

Wells Fargo Bank Fox Cities Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2003 for any student with a GPA of 3.0.

WFRV Local 5 Scholarship
Established in 2004, this scholarship is awarded to a new or continuing student majoring in communications or a related field.

Michael A. Wichtel Memorial Art Scholarship
Established in 2005 by Michael’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Wichtel, with additional contributions from family and friends. This scholarship is given to a deserving art major. The student is chosen by members of the UWFox art faculty.

Women in Management Scholarship
A scholarship for female business or economics students is awarded annually by this organization. The scholarship was established in 2004.

University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Foundation Funded Scholarships

The following scholarships are provided by the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Foundtion with funds raised through e.a.t.s. and the generosity of individual donors to the UWFox Development Fund.

Discipline Area Scholarships
One half-tuition scholarship and fees in each of the following areas: humanities, math, natural sciences and social sciences.

Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
Three half-tuition scholarships and fees awarded to nontraditional men and women students.

University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarships
Because of the economic downturn, the UWFox Foundation created six additional scholarships thereby assuring financial assistance for as many students as possible.

University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Multicultural Student Scholarship
Established in 2010 by the foundation, this scholarship recognized two full-time underreprsented  multicutural students in good academic standing who demonstrate leadership and service towards others.

University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Scholar Award
Two four-semester scholarships are awarded to new students who rank in the top 10% of their graduating class. This scholarship is renewed the second year if the student maintains a 3.0 GPA on a full-course load.

Valitchka Scholarship
Named to honor Roy and Lucy Valitchka and their children, the Foundation offers three one-half tuition scholarships for students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.75 on at least 12 credits in their first semester. Roy served on the Foundation board and he and wife Lucy served on the e.a.t.s. committee for many years. Several of the Valitchka children began their undergraduate  studies at UWFox.

Paul J. Werner Scholarship
Named to honor Paul J. Werner who served on the Foundation board of directors and as its treasurer for eighteen years. Paul helped the Foundation develop strong financial policies and procedures which in turn strengthened the Foundation and contributed to its growth. This scholarship is available to a full-time new or continuing student. Funding for this scholarship has been provided by Schenck Business Solutions.

World Language Scholarship
Awarded to a new or continuing student taking classes in French, Spanish or Italian.