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Scholarship event raises nearly $50,000 in student aid

By Kyle Nackers

Attendees indulge in food and wine at the e.a.t.s. event Oct. 19.

Photo by Kyle Nackers
Attendees indulge in food and wine at the
e.a.t.s. event Oct. 19.

The UW-Fox Valley Foundation hosted its annual e.a.t.s. fundraiser Oct. 19.

More than 300 guests gathered in the Communication Arts Center to help raise money for student scholarships.

After 17 years of hosting the event, the foundation has raised a total of more than $589,500 for student scholarships.

UW-Fox Valley Foundation board member Dubear Kroening appreciates what this event does for students.

"I asked to be a board member, so I got on the board... the reason why I did was because I understand how difficult it can be for some people, so it's a very, very good cause. Plus I'm connected to a lot of students, so I thought I can give my time," Kroening said.

e.a.t.s. is the only fund raising event for the foundation, which would not be possible without the help of its volunteers. Many volunteers were scholarship recipients who were happy to help out. Faculty and staff members also volunteered their time.

"This year nearly half of the 43 chefs were UW-Fox faculty or staff... several student chefs participated as well," UW-Fox Valley Foundation executive director Lisa Weiner said.

One of the chefs was UW-Fox's Menasha Area School District TRiO coordinator Linda Her, who made beer brat chili. Her is planning to be a part of the event again next year.

Guests also enjoyed many different types of food.

"I like all food, it's all good. I don't know if there is anything I don't like. My wife likes the tiramisu. I like the smoked salmon and yak chili," Kroening said.

"I liked the stuffed mushrooms. There is a lot of exotic food, like the peanut soup. There are also a lot of great wines," local business owner Chester Krawze said.

Guests attended the event for more than just the food.

"I like it, just to see all the people, everyone that comes in and supports our scholarships," sophomore Kendra Krueger said.

"...There are a lot of great people here," Krawze said.

Some volunteers who attended e.a.t.s. in the past helped with improvements to make the evening more successful.

"I'm selling raffle tickets, and this is my third year doing it. Last year I set a record apparently selling raffle tickets," sophomore Dolly Schoenfeldt said.

Generosity from community members was all Schoenfeldt needed to set the record.

Among this year's raffle prizes was a white gold diamond necklace donated by Avenue Jewelers of Appleton.

"I just sold tickets, I kept approaching people. This year they let me wear the necklace," Schoenfeldt said.

A pair of airline tickets donated by Creative Group travel agency was also raffled off.

e.a.t.s. also included a silent auction, attracting attendees to bid on various items.

This year's event also included demonstrations attendees could enjoy if they wanted to take a seat and learn something new.

One of the demonstrations was from Simple Simon Bakery. Owner Dawn Ebert and two of her decorators showed various techniques for decorating cakes using buttercream frosting and fondant.

"This is my first year here, and I really like this event," Ebert said.

"This year's total money raised from e.a.t.s. was over $49,500, the most raised since 2008. By all measures, e.a.t.s. was a great success," Weiner said.

The money is then used to give scholarships. Each scholarship is not the same, however.

"Yeah it's all different, it's all from different businesses in the community that donate different scholarships," sophomore Alicia Noffke said.

Community members such as Karla Priebe and Jenny Riley won tickets to attend e.a.t.s. and were extremely pleased with the event.

"There is a lot of really good stuff... Everything was really really good. We are enjoying ourselves a lot," Riley said.


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