Sophomore Soloman Ocran speaks with health care agent Sarah Conklin about new insurance policies March 11.

Affordable Care Act draws mixed opinions

"We are able to get as many students as we can and get the word out."

"It is not surprising that many consumers are confused and are now trying to understand what health reform does... and how it may affect our families," President of Consumer Reports Jim Guest, said.

Fox Valley Concert Band showcases local talents

The concert was free and open to the public, allowing the group to showcase their talents as a communiversity band, comprised of UW-Fox Valley students and community members.

Marc Sackman, associate professor of music, conducts and organizes the programs for the band.

Kyle Lichtenberg, president of Students for Sustainability, composts items in the green house.

Sustainability club monitors campus' recycling and composting efforts

"On Monday the 17th we made sure all the garbage cans were at zero," Kyle Lichtenberg, president of Students for Sustainability, said.

"At the end of the day [Tuesday] we went through and took out all the different trash cans, recycle cans, and compost bins and brought them back to the green house. We dumped it all out onto tarps on the floor and separated it all and weighed it to see how much we accumulated in 24 hours," Lichtenberg said.

Laurel Mills talks about her new book, Rumor of Hope, in the Aylward Gallery March 10.

Retired UW-Fox professor inspires readers with her poetry

Rumor of Hope is a collection of poems Mills wrote about experiences she has had with her daughter, Beth.

"When I was writing these poems I had no idea about putting them together as a book. I wrote them almost out of desperation. And one of the greatest things I think about the arts, especially about writing, is that it gives you a way of sorting out things that are happening in the world, and it helps to make some order out of chaos."

Diana Claypool, Rita O'Brien, Emily Rayer and Kathy Schmidt tour the Aylward gallery while attending Wine, Women & Art March 20.

Fox Valley Women's Fund holds 2nd annual Wine, Women & Art event

"We are excited about our partnership with UW-Fox and the beautiful space for displaying artwork and hosting a gathering. The Women's Fund raised more than $10,000 as a result of Wine, Women & Art. It helped us connect to a lot of women in the community who were not familiar with our work," former president of the Women's Fund, Lisa Kewley, said.

April marks sexual assault awareness and prevention month

"In addition to providing the latest in specialized trial skills training, this event brings prosecutors together with victim services specialists, community advocates, specialized sexual assault nurse examiners and child advocacy professionals -- all of whom must work together in order to support victims and hold sex offenders accountable for their actions," Attorney General Van Hollen said. "Advanced trial skills plus integrated teamwork is the equation for successfully convicting sex offenders."

Bea Gretzinger utilizes services promoted for Midterm Madness in March.

Tutoring services offer upbeat learning environment during Midterm Madness

The tutoring labs on campus collectively held Midterm Madness, March 10 and 11, to promote the services they offer to students.

"For two days, we have snacks and a ballot box where students who visit any of the labs can fill out a slip for a chance to win a t-shirt or a gas card," Kathy Hopper, developmental math lab specialist, said.

Do You Really Know How to Count?

If you're a Wisconsinite like me... probably not when it comes to how many "drinks" we've had. Most drinkers like to believe we know a lot about alcohol. We think we know how much booze to pour in our Captain and Coke; and we definitely think we know the difference between being buzzed and drunk. Truth is... we're often wrong!