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Outlook 2010 Instructions - Faculty/Staff only!

How to Configure Outlook 2010 for Home Use

Description of the purpose of this document:

Exchange 2010, in combination with Outlook 2010, brings a powerful feature that you can use from your home machine.  Many of you have probably used Outlook Web Access to check your mail from home.  This is a powerful tool although the interface can be a bit hard to navigate and it lacks some of the features of the full version of Outlook.  There is a way that you can setup Outlook on your home machine so that you can email just like you were on campus.  This includes the use of Public Folders, your contacts, tasks, the Global Address List (GAL) and everything else that would normally be available to you on your campus workstation.  This document will outline how to configure your Outlook 2010 client to connect to your Exchange server from home. This setup will only work with faculty/staff email accounts.

Outlook 2010 home setup tutorial

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