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Network Services

Computer Labs available for student use

Computer Lab

Computers Available

Lab 2819* (Instructional Lab)

30 Computers

Lab 2821

16 Computers

Lab 2813b (Business Lab)

4 Computers

Lab 1826 (Engineering)

30 Computers

Lab 1337

10 Computers

Lab 1249* (Library Lab)

19 Computers

Lab 1015* (Science Wing Lab)

19 Computers

Lab 1852* (Wiseline Web Lab)

12 Computers

Lab 1819 (Learning Center)

6 Computers

Lab hours are posted outside the labs.

* Subject to classroom session and/or reservations


Printers available for student use are as follows:

Computer Lab

Printers Available

Lab 2819 Color Printer
Lab 2821 Color Printer
Lab 2813a Black and White Printer
Lab 2813b Color Printer
Lab 1826 Color Printer
Lab 1337 Color Printer
Lab 1249 Color Printer
Lab 1015 Color Printer
Lab 1819 (Learning Center) Color Printer

Each student starts with $15.00 of printing credits. Depending if the page is in color or black/white or if it is a duplex page will determine cost. Your money will go back into the budget that pays for the printer maintenance and supplies. Your tuition only covers $15.00 of printing per semester; additional printing credits can be purchased at the campus business office.

Printers do malfunction from time to time, but if you get an unusable printout for any reason, please bring the questionable pages to the IIT Helpdesk (Rm 1719) and we will inspect them for a possible account credit. Otherwise we will assume the print was successful.

You can check your balance by going to http://papercut.fox.uwc.edu:9191. This will ONLY work if you are on campus. For more information on papercut please view our PaperCut Tutorial

It is your responsibility to monitor your account and to purchase more pages at the Business Office when you see it is getting low. However, if for some reason you cannot, such as the Business Office is closed, stop down at the IIT Helpdesk for assistance.

Using the campus wireless

To connect to our wireless network use your wireless client application to connect to the access point "FOX".

Printing from Wireless

Printing from wireless is not available. Please print from any one of our lab computers.

Wireless coverage and locations:

Wireless access should be available throughout most of the campus with exceptions of the field house.

If you have any problems connecting please visit our campus helpdesk at room 1719 or call 832-2719.


Video Bulletin Board System (VBBS)

TThe Video Bulletin Board System provides faculty and staff the opportunity to make public or campus-specific announcements. Monitors are placed in high-traffic areas on campus for our visitors to see. For more information on posting information, email fox-helpdesk@uwc.edu

A VBBS tutorial and template can be found here.