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Basic CD Burning With Sonic


Each workstation is equipped with a DVD burner (which can also burn CD's), and Sonic DigitalMedia Home software.

Before you can put together a CD, you have to collect the audio files you are going to use. The great feature of Sonic is its ability to burn CD's from a wide variety of file formats. These include Wave (.wav), MP3's (.mp3), Windows Media Audio (.wma) and CD Tracks (.cda). It is easiest if you save all your files together in your own folder.

See the Extracting Audio From CD's tutorial to learn how to create your own folder and extract tracks from audio CD's for use in Sonic projects.


You’ll need a blank CD before you begin.  Place it in the CD/DVD drive in the front of the computer.

  1. Open Sonic DigitalMedia Home from the start menu.

  2. Select Audio on the left hand column.

  3. Select Audio CD.

  4. Next click Add Music to add your audio files.

  5. Navigate to your folder on the Data (D:) Drive.

  6. ^Click on each audio file you want added to the CD.  You can add more than one by holding down the CTRL button.

  7. Tracks will be stacked in the order you select them, but you can also move them around.  Using the up and down arrows at the top of the audio window allows you to do just that.

  8. Notice the time indicator disc in the lower left corner.  Each time you add a new audio file, the disc fills indicating how long your CD is.  It also estimates how much space is left on the disc.

  9. Once you are done compiling your CD, click the Red Button in the lower right corner.  Click YES to continue.

  10. Once Sonic is done burning your CD click done.

  11. Your CD should automatically eject.  Take out your CD and close the drive door.