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Extracting Audio CD Tracks -

Traditionally, users will extract -- or "rip" -- audio tracks from a CD to convert them into MP3 files for use on portable MP3 players. You can, however, find extracting CD tracks useful to include music into a video project, a sound-editing project, or for creating custom CDs. In these tutorials, you will learn how to extract tracks from compact discs to use in your projects.


There are three programs available in the media lab that enable you to rip audio tracks -- Sound Forge, Vegas, and Acid.

Click on any of the following links to learn how to extract audio in that program.

    You would use Vegas if you wanted to use the tracks in a video project, a multi-track audio project, or to burn an fully customizable audio CD.
    You would use Sound Forge if you wanted to do any sound effects or sound editing to a track, or if you wanted to save it as a different file type, like MP3.
  • ACID
    For use in an Acid Project.