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Creating An Acrobat Document


The Adobe Acrobat format, commonly referred to as "Portable Document File" or PDF, is a widely used and important file format for those who intend to publish documents to the web.  Acrobat files keep your documents formatted the way you intended, and can be given good security measures.  This tutorial will guide you through creating a PDF.


Creating a PDF file is basically like printing a document to a printer.  Any program that has a "print" function can output a PDF file.

  1. Open whichever program you want (ie. Word, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  2. Open or create the document.
  3. Select File > Print.
  4. The program's print window will open.  What it looks like will vary (see picture, below).  There will be a way to select the printer you use (either "Select Printer" or "Printer Name.") 
  5. An option named Adobe PDF will appear.  Select it.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Instead of printing, as it normally would, you will see a "Save As" dialog box.
  8. Choose where you want to save your document in "Save In."  Type a name in the "File name" box.
  9. Click Save.  Your document is now saved as a PDF file.