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Successful Transfers

Successful Transfer Student: MalanieMelanie: Pre-law & Political science major / Transferred to UW Green Bay

"I believe the teaching quality at UWFox is excellent. We've got awesome technology in the classrooms and outstanding learning facilities. I love the small size of the classes; they're so much more personalized. The smaller classes have allowed me to get to know my classmates so much better, so we can form study groups within those classes."


Current Student: NancyNancy: education major / Transferred to UW Oshkosh

"I chose to attend UWFox because it is close to home for me. I thought it would give me a great start. I had heard about UWFox being a good school academically and had also heard about the Guaranteed Transfer Program. I thougth that by coming to UWFox I would be well prepared to eventually transfer to a UW four year campus. What I like most about attending UWFox is that the faculty and staff are very friendly and are always there to help me if I need it. Professors always tell the students about their office hours in case any questions or concerns come up. I think that's great because I feel that the faculty cares and want the best for their students."

Successful Transfer Student: KristaKrista: Business Major / Transferred to UW Madison

"I really like the atmosphere at UWFox. It's very friendly...I had a lot of opportunities to get involved in campus activities. I really felt that I got to know my professors and they were always around to help me whenever I needed it. My classes were well planned for me, leaving me very well prepared to transfer to UW-Madison."


Successful Transfer: Sisters Mary & ElizabethSisters Mary and Elizabeth

Mary (left): accounting major / transferred to UW Whitewater

"Attending UWFox was one of the most rewarding decisions I ever made. The small classes and the 1:1 attention from the instructors are providing me with the solid academic foundation I need for future academic prospects. UWFox is giving me a solid foundation and the best start to achieve my academic goals."

Elizabeth (right): hospitality major / transferred to UW Stout

"UW-Fox Valley gave me a solid foundation and the best start to achieve my academic goals. Through the Guaranteed Transfer Progam offered by UWFox, all my credits from UWFox were accepted by UW-Stout. You can never go wrong by starting your educational career at UWFox."