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Services for Faculty and Staff

Special Borrower Privileges

Faculty and staff can borrow most materials for the duration of the current semester, except videos and reserve materials.  Videos are loaned for 2 weeks (or slightly longer if needed for class.)  Reserve materials are loaned for the period of time specified; this can range from 2 hours to 7 days. Faculty and staff do not pay late fees, but do pay for lost or damaged materials.

Campus Identification Card

As an employee, you will carry a campus I.D. card bearing a photo and barcode.  This card is necessary to check out materials from the library.  Please be sure to bring it along.  The campus I.D. card will be issued to you upon employment, but if there is a delay and you need library materials in the meantime, special arrangements will be made.  


Placing Reserves: You may place materials on reserve for your students.  Please complete the reserve request form and bring it with your materials to the library.  If you wish to place library books or other materials on reserve, then just complete the form, provide a list of the items needed, and send it electronically to reserves; we will pull them for reserve.  Please allow time for the library assistant in charge of reserves to get the materials into the computer system and onto the reserve shelves before notifying students of the assignment.  Sometimes we can accommodate immediately, but to be safe, please allow 24 hours. 

Articles, Tapes, and Copyright Compliance:You may wish to put duplicated copies of original works on reserve.  Direct requests for photocopies to the Copy Center. Direct requests for copies of non-print media to Information and Instructional Technology.  

While supporting academic freedom and the free flow of information, library staff are required by law to maintain standards of copyright compliance.  Therefore, we will not accept copies of original materials unless you have completed the lower portion of the request form, dealing specifically with copyright.  Further, non-copyright compliant materials must be removed at the end of the term and cannot be returned to reserve unless you obtain permission from the copyright holder.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this regard.

Removing Reserves: Library staff will remove materials on the date you designate.  If you wish to have them sooner, please call ahead so we can remove them from the computer; it is important that we keep an accurate accounting of reserve materials, especially if they are your personal copies!

Materials Selection:

The library collections are geared to the needs of first and second year students. Those involved in selection must remain mindful of this overarching criterion. Other factors include collection balance, depth, and age of materials; user demand; new course needs and so forth, in accord with the UW Colleges library collection development policy. Funding does not permit the development of collections in faculty research areas, but we do offer an extensive array of electronic finding tools and an excellent interlibrary loan system with daily van delivery among the UW campuses throughout the state, and a network extending to other countries, if necessary.

Faculty and instructional academic staff are encouraged to participate in materials selection for the library. Your suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to send emails, brochures, reviews or tear sheets. There is also a more structured program for making recommendations: the "Choice-on-Cards" program. Choice is a monthly book review journal published by the Association of College and Research Libraries. It reviews titles appropriate for academic libraries. We subscribe to Choice in a 4x6 card format, in which one book review is printed on each card.  This format allows us to divide the month's reviews by discipline, routing to you the cards in your subject area. "Choice-on-Cards" benefits our students, who will utilize the materials you select, and serves you by notifying you of recently published titles in your field.

A request for "Choice-on-Cards" selectors will be emailed to you at the beginning of each academicyear.  If you would like to receive "Choice-on-Cards" reviews each month, please complete and return the form.  You may wish to contact other members of your local department to designate one member to be the selector, or you all may wish to participate. Your expertise in helping to shape our library collection is very important and much appreciated.

Customized Course Instruction

Faculty in all disciplines are encouraged to email the librarians about customized library presentations specific to their courses.  These sessions, usually one class period, allow students to learn more about some of the resources directly related to their course work.  These sessions are most effective as tie-ins to assignments such as term papers, poster sessions, speeches, group projects, integrated studies, and First Year Experience activities.  We have a fully-equipped classroom within the library for these sessions; it seats 24 comfortably and can accommodate up to 40.  Larger classes may be divided.