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Library Reserve Request 

Date _________________ Time _________________

Please allow one full working day for us to prepare this material for reserve. More time may be needed during peak periods.

Date material is to be REMOVED from reserve (“end of semester,” or specific date) ____________

Professor’s Name __________________ Course _________________________

Loan Period (circle):____ 2 Hours ____ 1 Day ____ 3 Days ____ 7 Days

Overnight OK (see below)? (circle)____ yes ____ no


All 2 hour reserve materials may be checked out overnight unless you specifically circle “no” above. (If an item IS to be checked out overnight, it may not be taken until two hours before closing and must be returned within one hour of opening the following day. For example, an article might be checked out Tuesday at 7 p.m. and be due back by 9 a.m. Wednesday.)

Number of copies to be placed on reserve:__________________

May we put a permanent barcode label on your item(s)? (circle) ____ yes ____ no

Please tell us how you will describe this material to your class; we’ll use the same title to avoid confusion. If you have several items to place on reserve, PLEASE give us a copy of the course reading list; we will follow YOUR method of designating the readings to avoid confusion at the desk.


(ex: “Smith, Multiculturalism Defined” or “Reading #1” or “For Whom the Bell Tolls”)

Copyright Statement

Library staff will not knowingly place illegal materials on reserve. If you are placing reproduced copies on reserve, you MUST complete either 10 or 11 below and sign your name. IF this is not done, materials will not be processed and will be returned to you immediately.

_____ I have complied with copyright law by securing permission for duplication and use of these copies from the copyright holder for (check one): _____ current semester only _____ indefinitely _____other (please explain)


_____ I have not secured permission for duplication and use of these copies from the copyright holder because the copies meet the 3 standards for educational use: brevity, spontaneity, and cumulative effect. Please remove these materials from reserve at the end of the semester and destroy them.


Library staff use only:

Placed on reserve by Date:___________ Time:__________

Removed from reserve by Date:___________ Time:__________