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Daisy Rodrigues

Daisy Rodrigues

"I remember when I first started at UWFox my advisors had helped me a great deal in signing me up for my classes that I couldn’t get into. From then on I knew that they were eager for all UWFox students to succeed."

Age: 23

Hometown: Tanzania, East Africa

Current residence: Appleton, WI

When attended UWFox: Fall 2011 - present

Background before UWFox:

I graduated from Popatlal High School (Tanzania) in the year 2007. During my high school years I did a lot of volunteering work, including organizing school events, tutoring colleagues and volunteering at the children’s nursing center. My first job at the age of 19 was at Waljis Travel as an Executive Administrator to the CEO and Director. I also worked at the Regency Medical Centre (Dar-Es-Salaam) at the radiology department doing ultrasounds, CT-scans and X-Rays were my job description was pretty much like the doctor. I spoke to patients about their problem and reported it to the doctor. I also reported disorders from kidney stones, cysts and tumors by viewing the film and taking measurements. It was an interesting experience interacting with people and helping them. I spent much time in the hospital learning new diagnoses as my career there moved along. It gave me the eagerness to pursue my medical degree so that I can help others. When I moved to United States two years ago I worked at Gordman’s, Cutco, and at Culver’s while I also attended classes at Fox valley Technical College taking courses in Personal Financial Planning and Certified Nursing Assistant.

Did you do any interesting travel or have any interesting experiences before coming to UWFox?

My first travel experience at the age of six was to my mum’s home town in Zanzibar, a small beautiful island of the coast of Tanzania. The island was ruled by the sultans and it was where slave trade was common. I also had the opportunity to see the President of Tanzania give a speech. I love travelling, site-seeing and encountering beautiful experiences like hiking, bungee jumping, skydiving, and parasailing to visiting the most beautiful islands and national parks around Kenya and Uganda in Africa. I also had the experience of surviving in the Ugandan wilderness; it was the most amazing experience. I also travelled to India, Canada, Ethiopia and several locations in the United States including Iowa, Florida, and Chicago, New York, and Ohio.

Why did you choose UWFox?

I chose UWFox because it was close to my family and also because UWFox has a wide selection of classes and majors to choose from. There are so many different organizations and activities to get involve in. The campus and the city is beautiful.  I realized how great of an experience it was when I came here; there is always something to do and opportunities for everyone with different interests and backgrounds. Most UWFox students have the work hard/play hard mentality.

Have you chosen a major?


What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding at UWFox?

The months that I attended UWFox were definitely the most rewarding time I’ve had as an undergraduate pre-med student. I had the opportunity to work with knowledgeable professors, who had keen interest in what we were doing and worked hard to help us do well. I remember when I first started at UWFox my advisors had helped me a great deal in signing me up for my classes that I couldn’t get into. From then on I knew that they were eager for all UWFox students to succeed. My student colleagues and I formed a study group which is very rewarding and beneficial in getting assignments done on time, and also solving different problems in textbooks. I believe when I finish my associate’s degree at UWFox there will be rewarding opportunities that will open many doors not only for me but also for every one of us who take advantage of the resources present.

What are your career plans after UWFox?

I will probably be transferring to UW-Madison to finish my bachelor’s degree. After that I will apply to the UCLA and Boston College medical schools to pursue my master’s degree in pediatric neurosurgery. My goal is to finish medical school and hopefully go back to Tanzania once in a while and volunteer to help children suffering from various diseases while I also fulfill my expectation to gain more knowledge.

Other interesting things about yourself that you'd like to share?

Besides travelling and going on adventures. I love dancing - mostly ballroom dancing - and listening to music where I have the opportunity to DJ at private and public functions. I also volunteer at a local nursing center and I find it interesting to work with the senior citizens because they have so many wonderful experiences and advice to share. I love interacting and socializing in different cultures because, from where I came from, I had the opportunity to experience various cultures like Hindu, Singh, Muslims and also tribal cultures like the Masai and Wabondei.  I engage myself in sports and games and also have the opportunity to participate in completions with the best players in badminton, table tennis, soccer, darts and netball. Before I moved to the USA I worked on a research project that dealt with plasmodium parasites that caused malaria, and hopefully I intend to carry on with my research.

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