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Douglas Ciha

Douglas Ciha

“Another reason I chose UWFox is because of the strong campus endorsement from my family. My father and all of his siblings, including two uncles and an aunt, attended UWFox.”

Age: 19

Hometown: Darboy, WI

Current residence: Darboy (Appleton), WI

When attended UWFox: Fall 2009-Spring 2011

Background before UWFox:

Before enrolling at UWFox I went to Kimberly High School and graduated in Spring 2009.  While I was still a high school student I began working at Office Max, and still work there learning the subtly complex ways of pens, papers, and printers.

Why did you choose UWFox?

The primary reason I chose UWFox was for financial reasons. Since having debt seems now to be a requirement for a college education, the lower tuition at UWFox means a lot by helping me avoid going into debt. With UWFox being only a 15 minute drive from home, it allows me to continue working at my job and live off my parents.  It’s very good deal - graduating debt-free can become a reality for me.

Another reason I chose UWFox is because of the strong campus endorsement from my family. My father and all of his siblings, including two uncles and an aunt, attended UWFox.Their experience at UWFox prepared them well to move onto UW-Madison. I also plan on continuing my education at UW-Madison.  It seems I’m following the same educational path as the last Ciha generation, from grade school, to high school, to college.  From listening to my uncles, aunt, and father talk about UW-Madison and UWFox it’s clear they enjoyed their time at UWFox. While UW-Madison was a great experience for them, they remember many of the most dedicated and helpful professors of their college careers being in the smaller classrooms at UWFox. I also wanted the start of my college career being helped along by the more personal attention from the professors at UWFox.

Have you chosen a major?

My chosen major is Biomedical Engineering.

What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding at UWFox?

So far, academically, I’ve found my calculus classes to be very rewarding. Last semester I finished Calc 3. While I have yet to take a class that has applied the principles I have learned in my third calculus class, I look forward to the opportunity. There really is a lot you can do with a strong math background.

Also, hopefully balancing out some of the egg-headedness, I have been participating in the Ballroom Dance Club on campus.  A cousin of mine pestered me to go, taught me a ton of steps, and I have been having a great time ever since. I know I wouldn’t have anywhere near the number of friends I have now without being involved with the club.

What are your career plans after UWFox?

After UWFox I plan on going to UW-Madison to continue my education. While there, hopefully I will be better able to hammer out exactly what I want to do in the vast field of Biomedical Engineering.

Other interesting things you’d like to share?

I was part of the tennis team in spring 2010, and will be again in spring 2011. The team is great and always welcoming of new members.  I tutor in the Learning Center on campus for math, so if anyone is interested in this free service please stop in. The tutors there are always friendly.  Also, I'd like to say that I have an identical twin brother name Mike.  So no, you aren't seeing double.


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