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Erica Broniec

Erica Broniec

“Every professor I’ve had here has been incredible – and I can compare that positively to the two other state campuses that I’ve attended.”

Age: 25

Hometown: Greendale, WI

Current residence: Appleton

When attended UWFox: Fall 2008 to Spring 2010

Background before UWFox

"After I graduated from Greendale HS in May 2002 and was living in the Milwaukee area, I worked in several grocery stores and had various cooking jobs.  Since I really liked cooking I decided to become a chef and entered Milwaukee Area Technical College, majoring in culinary arts, and also took classes at UW-Milwaukee. I later became a mother and decided to change my career direction.  When I moved to Appleton in March 2007, I worked for Gunderson Cleaners and Festival Foods before coming to UWFox."

Why UWFox?

"UWFox was close to my new home in the Fox Cities. It has smaller class sizes and is less expensive than the four-year UW campuses. ‘Word of mouth’ from my friends told me that UWFox was a very good place to go to college.  Some of my former work-place colleagues are parents of former UWFox students and told me that their own children loved the campus."

Her chosen major and plans after graduation from UWFox

"I’m majoring in Political Science and Religious Studies. While I’m currently undecided about my long term career plans, I am considering running for public office. I took a course in Political Science and really liked what was taught and the way it was taught.  I was raised in a family that had a high awareness of faith and religion in its life, and always wanted to know more about religious issues."

What do you find interesting and rewarding at UWFox?

"I really like the small class size and the smaller physical size of the campus. Every professor I’ve had here has been incredible – and I can compare that positively to the two other state campuses that I’ve attended. I really like not being just a number and I really do like the personal interaction of the faculty with the students. I especially liked the ‘entrance counseling’ that I received when I first started, and appreciate how much more attention and guidance I get as a student here."

Other interesting things you’d like to share about yourself or your experience at UWFox:

"I’m a single mom with a four-year old daughter. In addition to having a full class schedule at UWFox, I also work approximately 14 hours a week at a job on campus."

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