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Jenna Propson

Jenna Propson

“In my time at UWFox I have learned many things about myself and developed good study skills.”

Age: 19

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Current residence: Town of Bandenbroek, WI

When attended UWFox: Fall 2008 to Spring 2011

Background before UWFox:

I was homeschooled for all my schooling years including high school. In my junior year I chose to attend Kaukauna High School for four classes.  I graduated from high school in 2008 as a junior.  My jobs during high school included scoring for girls’ softball games and serving as a nanny for two families.

Did you do any interesting travel or have any interesting experiences before coming to UWFox?

One of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in my life was during the September 11th, 2001 tragedy. I was 10 years old when 9-11 occurred. I was inspired to write the words to a song about the rescue workers who were killed when the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed. With the help of many friends from the community and my church I ended up producing a CD with the song on it. I also went to New York City to distribute the CD. My goal was to give it to as many rescue workers’ families as possible. We made 1,000 CDs and we distributed all but a few. The entire process for the project was an amazing experience. While my faith was tested, I can tell you first hand that miracles still happen, proving to me that there is a divine plan for me.

During high school I went Gulfport, MS, on two mission trips to help with relief after Hurricane Katrina. Our team did construction work on area homes. It was great to interact with the people of Gulfport and enter into their world, and a joy to reach out to those in need. It was neat to be able to see the progress from year to year. For example, the first time our team journeyed to Gulfport the devastation was unreal. The second year we went, we got to experience the progress and the rebuilding of Gulfport.

For my high school graduation my parents and I went to Sanibel Island, FL. I love the ocean so a lot of our trip was spent on the beach looking for exotic shells. I also got to go parasailing over the ocean. I really enjoyed spending quality time with both of my parents. One of my goals in life is to visit all 50 states. This helped accomplish part of that goal.

Why did you choose UWFox?

I really liked the idea that I could get my associate degree and a quality education for an affordable price. I came to UWFox because I liked the small class sizes and the individual guidance I received from faculty and staff. I liked the fact that I would be able to personally know and talk with my professors and they know my name. UWFox has many great opportunities built into its learning atmosphere. The campus has many resources to help you succeed. I found that if I put in the effort to learn, the professors and faculty would put in the effort to help and guide me.

Have you chosen a major?

The major I have chosen is Criminal Justice.

What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding at UWFox?

In my time at UWFox I have learned many things about myself and developed good study skills. I’ve learned how to use the resources available to me and not be afraid to ask questions. I’ve also learned that I have to put in the effort for the reward I want.

What are your career plans after UWFox?

When I am finished at UWFox I will be going to UW-Oshkosh to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. I would really like to travel and possibly go to a Bible school on the beach. I hope to have a job in law enforcement that I love and I am passionate about. I still am unsure as to what that looks like, but I’ll continue to search for the perfect fit for my skills and passion.

Other interesting things about yourself that you’d like to share?

I’m currently a Community Service Officer with the Grand Chute Police Department. I love my job and enjoy going to work. I learn something new every shift I work. I’m excited to see where life leads me and where I’ll end up. I’ll continue to seek divine inspiration for my life and try to bring honor in everything I do.

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