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Susan VanDerLoop (Weyenberg)

Susan VanDerLoop

" I also recently became a huge fan of jazz after taking the Jazz Appreciation course at UWFox."

Age: 45

Hometown: Appleton, WI

Current Residence: Appleton, WI

When attended UWFox: January 2009 to Spring 2011

Background before UWFox:

I graduated from Appleton High School East in 1983 and attended Coe College for  2-1/2 years. My major was Sociology as I intended to (and did) pursue a career in research. I have always wanted to complete a bachelor’s degree, however since I worked full-time I chose to devote any non-work hours to being with my son (who is now 21).   

I was employed by Kimberly-Clark from 1990 to 2005, and held a variety of positions in manufacturing and research. My career at K-C began as a Machine Assistant in Tissue Manufacturing and concluded as a Scientist in Product and Technology Development. I had the privilege of working with many extremely intelligent and talented individuals and had numerous fascinating and rewarding experiences connected with the development, production and launch of new consumer products. The aspects that I enjoyed most were the creativity sessions, designing prototypes, planning and conducting research studies, and collaborating with colleagues on patents for novel product and packaging concepts. Being employed by Kimberly-Clark provided the exciting opportunity to be a co-inventor on 23 granted patents with an additional seven pending patents in the product categories of disposable personal care articles, medical devices and packaging.  

In 2006, I completed the education and licensing to become an Aesthetician (Skin Care Specialist). Just prior to attending UWFox, I was a Product Development Specialist at Little Rapids Corporation in Green Bay where I was able to pursue my interest in developing and testing products for the beauty/spa industry.

Did you do any interesting travel or have any interesting experiences before coming to UWFox?

As part of my personal and business endeavors I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel to many places within and outside of the U.S. My favorite memory is of a Caribbean cruise taken with my son where we had the chance to go snorkeling in Cozumel and inner tubing through a cave in the rainforest of Belize.  My most memorable business travel experiences were implementing a product improvement in a French-speaking production facility near Montreal and conducting an exploratory research study in London.

Why did you choose UWFox?

My primary reasons for choosing UWFox were its longstanding reputation of being academically rigorous as well as being an amazing value with respect to its tuition rates.  I was also drawn to the liberal arts and sciences curricula.

Have you chosen a major?

My major is Chemistry and my career goal is to become a Skin Care Product Formulation Scientist.  To reach my goal, I will need a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry.  I have a long-range goal of attaining a master's degree and a dream of earning a Ph.D.  

What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding at UWFox?

At UWFox, I benefited from the wisdom of the high caliber professors and instructors and my learning spanned from significantly enhancing skills that I already possessed to becoming proficient in subject matter that was new to me. I have many fond memories of my time at UWFox and am very impressed with the wide spectrum of opportunities provided beyond the classroom. For example, the campus has a spectacular Communication Arts Center and I was very excited to have the occasion to use my aesthetics expertise and do the makeup for a theatre production. UWFox also has active honor society chapters including Phi Theta Kappa and Sigma Kappa Delta. I was one of four UWFox students that presented a panel discussion at the 2010 Sigma Tau Delta (International English Honor Society) Convention in St. Louis where we also had the opportunity to listen to fascinating presentations by renowned authors. For the past two years I’ve also been a student volunteer for the UW-Fox Valley Foundation’s annual fundraiser, e.a.t.s.

What are your career plans after UWFox?

After the Fall 2010 semester, I plan to re-enter the workforce. My aspiration is to secure a position that provides the financial resources and flexibility to continue my education and complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry.

Other interesting things about yourself that you’d like to share?

As a music lover, I enjoy going to concerts with my favorite being 80’s rock bands. I also recently became a huge fan of jazz after taking the Jazz Appreciation course at UWFox.


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