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LEC 100 Passport

What is the LEC 100 Passport?

The LEC 100 Passport is a small booklet containing a partial UW-Fox Valley events calendar and pages to be stamped after attending or participating in various campus events and extracurricular activities.

How do I get a Passport to Success?

Passports are distributed in all LEC 100 and LEA 102 classes. Additional copies may occasionally be available at various events.

What kind of events can I attend?

Here is a sampling of events: Music and Band Concerts, Scholar Series Lectures, Student Services Presentations, Athletic Games, Club sponsored activities (e.g. Circle K, UMA, Student Association, etc.), CAB events, exhibits in The Aaron Bohrod Gallery, and shows at the UW-Fox Theatre.

LEC 100 Passport Schedule

It is the responsibility of the Passport bearer to obtain the necessary stamps and turn in the Passport to her/his LEC 100 or LEA 102 teacher by the end of the semester.