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Rachel DeJesus


Why did you decide to come to UWFox?

I decided to attend UWFOX because it was local and I knew of others who attended.

Once I became a student I realized all of the great qualities of UWFOX and that is what I like to share with other people interested in going to school.

The small campus enables students to work more with the teaches when they have questions or uncertainties, and the parking isn't that bad either!

What do you like about UWFox?

Answered in above question.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite foods are Indian, Spanish, Sushi, waffles, and always the best: nachos!

What is your favorite movie and why?

I have noticed that The Notebook is a common favorite of many(mine too!) I also love The Twilight movies.

What is your favorite book and why?

The Left Behind series, I like these books because they take a realistic view of how the future might turn out.

The brief and Wonderous life of Oscar Wao and When I was Puerto Rican. Both of these books I read in my Latino Literature class and I enjoyed reading about other's life stories.