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Summer 2014 General Info-Tuition & Fees

Get ahead in your studies or catch up if you’re behind! 

Take a summer course with us!  UWFox offers students high quality instruction with costs among the lowest in the UW System.  Our students benefit from close student-faculty interaction.  There are many classes and several summer sessions to choose from to fit your schedule. For more information e-mail: foxinfo@uwc.edu or contact Student Affairs at (920) 832-2620.

Table of Contents

General Information


All students except UWFox students continuing from the preceding semester must complete an application prior to registration.  Application forms and registration materials for summer session may be obtained at the following web site:  www.apply.wisconsin.edu.


Registration for new students

Registration for Summer Session courses will begin on March 3.  Students who register early will have the best choice of courses.  Students can register online through PRISM.  Information regarding registration will be provided at the time of admission.

Registration for continuing students

Continuing students can register beginning March 3.  Online Registration is available through PRISM. Continuing students should meet with an advisor to determine the best course selection for the summer.

Enrollment in all classes will be subject to space availability in the class.  UWFox reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment or budget restrictions.

Summer Session and Courses

  • SESSION A (3W1 - 3 weeks) (May 27–June 13) 
  • SESSION B (6W1 - 6 weeks) (May 27–July 3)
  • SESSION C (8W3 - 8 weeks) (June 9 - August 1)
  • SESSION D (6W4 - 6 weeks) (June 16-July 25)
  • SESSION E (4W5 - 4 weeks) (June 23–July 18)                                                           
  • Campus closed - Memorial Day Observed - Monday, May 26
  • Campus closed - Independence Day Observed - Friday, July 4

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Online Courses

For all information regarding online classes, visit the Online web site www.online.uwc.edu.

Academic Policies/Regulations

A complete description of academic regulations is accessible in the University of Wisconsin Colleges catalog available online at www.uwc.edu/catalog.

The regulations provide information on class attendance, credit load, grading system, sophomore standing, auditing courses, incompletes, repeating courses, dropping/adding courses, complete withdrawals, probation, retention, suspension, honors, appeals, and other academic regulations. Several of the regulations are covered in the following section.

Adding Courses

Courses may be added according to the specific dates identified for each session in the course schedule. Classes can be added online using your PRISM account. If you wish to add a class once a session has started, a permission to enroll form (available in Student Affairs) must be completed and signed by the instructor. This form should be returned to the Student Affairs office to obtain assistance with registration.  Payment is required within 24 hours of adding a class after a session has begun.

Dropping Courses

Students may drop courses online using PRISM with no grade penalty (although there may be a financial penalty) according to the following schedule:

Session Dates Drop Date
Session A - Three Weeks 1 May 27 – June 13 June 9, 2014
Session B - Six Weeks 1 May 27 – July 3 June 20, 2014
Session C - Eight Weeks 3 June 9 - August 1 July 14, 2014
Session D – Six Weeks 4 June 16 - July 25 July 11, 2014
Session E – Four Weeks 5 June 23 - July 18 July 10, 2014

No Show Policy

Regulations require that if you do not attend the first day in a course you will be dropped from the class roster.  If this results in your not being enrolled in any class, a $50 withdrawal fee will be assessed.  Reinstatement will depend upon whether an opening exists, and if permission is received from the faculty member.  You must notify the instructor before the first class session if you will be absent and wish to remain on the class roster.

Auditing Courses

A student may change from audit to credit status during the same period as allowed for adding a course and a change from credit to audit status may be done during the same period allowed for dropping a course. Some courses cannot be taken on an audit basis. Check with the Student Affairs office.


Students wishing to withdraw from all courses may complete this transaction through their PRISM account. Students who register prior to the start of classes and then withdraw from all courses must do so by the dates listed in the Dropping Courses section above to avoid a late withdrawal fee of $50.00.  If classes have started, the deadline to withdraw is also listed in Fee Information Table (q.v.).  If you are reported as a “No Show” and are withdrawn from all classes, a fee of $50 will be assessed.

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Administrative Staff

Department Contact Telephone
Campus Dean Dr. Martin Rudd 832-2610
Associate Dean Dr. Bill Bultman 832-2696
Assistant Campus Dean for Administrative Services Jim Eagon 832-2613
Assistant Campus Dean for Student Affairs Carla Rabe 832-2620
Associate Director for Student Affairs Tina Koch 832-2661
Business Services   832-2613
Collaborative Bachelors Degree Programs

American Studies

Tammy Brunette 832-2633

Electrical Engineering

Kathy Wagner 832-2854

Human Services Leadership

Tammy Brunette 832-2633

Leadership Development

Beth Richards 832-2896

Mechanical Engineering

Kathy Wagner 832-2854

Organizational Administration

Beth Richards 832-2896
Continuing Education Cathy Paynter 832-2636
Library Ane Carriveau 832-2675
Marketing Meagan Hardwick 832-2624
Student Activities Jeff Kuepper 832-2671
Student Affairs Advisors
Pat Alger 832-2620
Tammy Brunette 832-2633
Ted DuFour 832-2811
Brenda Gabrielson 832-2670
Brenda Rickert 832-2623
UWFox home web page - www.uwfox.uwc.edu
e-mail - foxinfo@uwc.edu

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Students are encouraged to visit with an academic advisor prior to registering for summer courses. Contact a UWFox advisor today to discuss your educational plans. Please refer to the list of advisors listed in the chart above.

Associate of Arts and Science Degree/Emphasis

The Associate of Arts and Science degree will fulfill university-wide college and school general education requirements at all UW institutions.  Earning your Associate of Arts & Sciences Degree with an Emphasis enhances your overall associate degree because you have a concentration of coursework in a particular area of study. Your advisor is able to assist you in determining which requirements for the degree will also apply to your major/minor. The University of Wisconsin Colleges Catalog which contains Associate Degree requirements can be obtained from the Student Affairs office or www.uwfox.uwc.edu/admreg/assocdeginfo.html.

Building Hours

UW-Fox Valley
1478 Midway Road
Menasha, WI 54952
Tel: (920) 832-2600
Fax: (920) 832-2674

Building Hours

Monday - Thursday 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Friday 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Sunday 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

(920) 832-2665

May 21 - August 23
Monday - Thursday
8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


(920) 832-2672

Library Hours

(920) 832-2613

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Phone: (920) 832-2620
Fax: (920) 832-2850

Monday and Tuesday
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Fees and Tuition

Fees for Summer Session classes are shown below and must be paid at the time of registration or on or before the dates indicated in the table below. Access to student account information is available through PRISM.

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Fee Schedule
Credit Resident Fees Non-Resident
1 $   208.43 $   499.42
2 $   416.86 $   998.84
3 $   625.29 $1,498.26
4 $   833.72 $1,997.68
5 $1,042.15 $2,497.10
6-9 $1,250.58 $2,996.52
10+ $197.93/cr $488.92/cr

Questions about fees or fee payment should be addressed to the Business Services office.  Questions about residence status should be referred to the Student Affairs office before registration.

If payment is not received by the payment due date, a late payment fee of $50 will be assessed and full tuition will be owed unless withdrawal is made by the student during a refund period.  Students will not be withdrawn for not paying fees by the payment due date.

If you decide not to attend any classes for the session(s) in which you are enrolled, you are still responsible for your fees according to the table below.  You are considered to be enrolled until you officially withdraw from the university; see “No Show” policy above regarding absence from class and possible fees. Consult the table below for important information about withdrawal fees, account balance, and refunds.

Session $50 withdrawal fee period (fee applied unless enrolled in later sessions) Tuition Payment Deadline Drop class for 100% refund (owe 0% + $50 withdrawal  fee) Drop class for 50% refund (owe 50%) Drop class for 25% refund (owe 75%)
A: 3-Week-1
May 27 –
June 13
May 20 – June 2 May 27 June 2 (Does not apply) June 9
B: 6-Week-1
May 27 –
July 3
May 20 – June 2 May 27 June 2 June 9 (Does not apply)
C: 8-Week-3
June 9 -
Aug 2
June 2 – June 15 June 9 June 15 June 22 June 29
D: 6-Week-4
June 16 –
July 25
June 9 – June 22 June 16 June 22 June 29 (Does not apply)
E: 4-Week-5
June 23 –
July 18
June 16 – June 29 June 23 June 29 (Does not apply) July 6

If you are enrolled at another campus of the University of Wisconsin System for summer class(es), the amount of fees may be adjusted.  Contact the Business Services office for information.

Financial Aid

Applicants for Summer Session financial aid must have completed and filed the 2012-13 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  A separate UW Colleges Summer Financial Aid Application will be required to determine summer eligibility.  That form is available in early April.  Forms can be found online at www.uwc.edu by clicking on Money Matters or by inquiring in the Student Affairs office.  Students must have remaining aid eligibility from the 2012-13 academic year to receive loans or grants for the summer term.  Summer Session students may be eligible for loans, work-study and grants.  Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits to qualify for loans and work-study.  For more information, refer to the UW Colleges Financial Aid Brochure which can be obtained at the Student Affairs office or the UW Colleges web site www.uwc.edu.

Summer student loans will be disbursed during the first week of the first summer session a student is attending. Pell Grants will be disbursed to students who are eligible at the end of the summer term.  Please work with a financial aid advisor to meet the necessary summer tuition deadlines

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Placement Testing

Placement tests are required in English and mathematics and are used to determine which classes are most appropriate for you. Registration for the placement tests is required.

General information about testing can be found on the UWFox web site www.uwfox.uwc.edu/edu/admreg/placement.html. You will receive information about how to sign up for testing with your admission acceptance letter.  On the test day please be prompt and bring two No. 2 pencils, and if you are taking the math test, you may bring a non-graphing calculator with you.  Results of placement tests will be provided at the time of registration.  If you have earned prior college level credits in English and mathematics, you may not have to take the placement tests.


Textbooks are available at the University Bookstore which is located at the intersection of the main hallway and the 1300 wing. For online course textbooks, please visit http://direct.mbsbooks.com/uwcolleges.htm.

Transfer Information System

For information on transferring courses to or from another UW Campus or for information on pre-major courses offered at UWFox, visit the TIS website tis.uwsa.edu.

Veteran’s Education Benefits

Those who plan to use benefits must complete a Veterans Registration Form.  This form is available from the Student Affairs Office or on the UWFox Veterans & Armed Services web page www.uwfox.uwc.edu/admreg/veterans.html. The amount of benefits is based on the student's credit load. Please contact the School Certifying Official regarding enrollment status for various sessions.

Eligible veterans may qualify for textbook and tuition reimbursement.  If this is the first time using education benefits, please contact your County Veterans Services Officer to determine benefit eligibility.  Those who are eligible need to submit the appropriate paperwork to the School Certifying Official as soon as possible.