Transcription of Career Makeover Winner Video.

Carla Rabe:  This is an exciting moment and we do have a finalist chosen for today.  Our finalist is going to win a full semester of tuition, 200 dollars towards books and material sponsored by the Student Association, opportunities to come into Student Services, some one on one counseling for careers and academics, and we also want everyone to know that these particular individuals have been great and the winner will also receive free set up fees for their education. 

Mary Ann Bazile: There were five judges and it was a tough, tough job.  The winner wrote in part, “Receiving this career makeover would be a life changing experience for me.  Not only would it make a difference for me personally, but I could set an example for others in this same situation.  I can do the basics with UW Fox Valley; they can provide me with that. But so many lifelong skills that will last beyond this semester of tuition.  This career makeover provides not just the funding, but also the connections to jump-start the rest of my career. 

Paul Evansen:  All right, Carla if you would help me. 

Carla Rabe: The winner is, of the career makeover sponsored by UW Fox and WFRB, Bradly T. Kemp. 

Paul Evansen: Congratulations Bradly, come on up here.  We heard a little snippet, but I guess expand, if you could, a little bit for me, Bradly, what is this going to mean for yourself personally and your family? 

Bradly Kemp: Well, hopefully, I’d like to stay in the manufacturing field, but hopefully I can move up and off the shop floor and move up into some sort of management and planning.  I’ll make a move for something more stable and, of course, hopefully a little more money.

Paul Evansen:  All right, well of course we wish you luck and we thank you for entering and our congratulations to you.  Thank you.  On behalf of Channel 5 and UWFox, you bet; that’s a great thing! That’s a great thing.