Transcription of Nursing Majors Advising Video.

Dubear Kroening:When I was you in the hall and you said they you’re thinking about doing a nursing major there are some things I wanted to tell you as far as the nursing program in general. What we do here at Fox is we provide you with the first two years, and some of that is the kind of the general education requirements, but you also need to take certain classes in order to prepare yourself for the nursing degree.
 And so, in order to do that there are some things that you should really be aware of, because of the timing of when the classes are offered. One of the things is that BIO 109 which is general biology, concepts of biology that’s offered in the fall in the spring and even in the summer here, but it’s a prerequisite for some of the other courses. So, you have to take BIO 109 before you can take things like anatomy, physiology and micro biology.  So, keeping that in mind the sooner you take BIO 109 the better, because that allows you to take the other classes that BIO 109 is a prerequisite for. The same thing holds true with chemistry, you have to take Chemistry 125, which is general chemistry but that’s a prerequisite for biochemistry which is chem. 203 and chem. 211 with the lab. And so again knowing that there are these prerequisites, you want to make sure that you get those done right away so that you can take these other classes that use these as prerequisites.
And keeping that in mind as you’re scheduling out your two years as you’re going to do this you’re already now taking classes so you’ve got a fall semester out of the way.  But as you’re thinking about the rest of your classes for the rest of your time here it’s also good to keep in mind that the biochemistry that I mentioned that course is only offered in the spring. So you want to make sure that either you should be in Chem. 125 now or take it as soon as possible so that way you can take the biochemistry in the spring.
This also holds true for some of the biology classes that I mentioned earlier. Microbiology or bacteriology we call it here that has a BIO 109 prerequisite for it and that is only offered in the fall. So, you would take BIO 109, but then you couldn’t take microbiology in the spring. You could only take it then the following fall. So, you want to schedule that in there and kind of fill in with other classes around that.
The same holds true for anatomy and physiology. Anatomy here is only offered in the fall, and so often times nursing students will take both microbiology and anatomy in the same fall semester, the beginning of their second year. Get ready, they’re both pretty difficult classes and you’re going to have to study hard for them, so it’s something that you want to be prepared for.  Then I also mentioned physiology. Physiology then is only offered in the spring. So it’s good to take BIO 109, Chem. 125 right away you know the first fall semester, then you can take physiology in the spring and maybe take biochemistry the next spring or however you want to arrange it is fine, just be aware of when those classes are offered, so that you can plan out your schedule and make sure you know you’re not trying to take four lab classes in the same semester or something because you’re trying to hurry up and finish up.
So those are kind of the major science courses and when you’re transferring to let’s say UW Oshkosh they look at a lot of your science courses as far as determining your GPA in order to be able to get into the nursing program, and the nursing program is actually, there’s a lot of competition for it. So if you’re in the nursing program you want to make sure that your grades, especially in those science classes, are pretty good, because there is a lot of competition. And I think the requirements might mention, well I’ve heard anywhere from 2.75 to 3.15 as far as you know getting into the nursing program. So, it’s not easy. You’re going to have to spend some time studying and you know working hard at it.
There are some other classes as well, just some more of the general education type classes that you would need. You need so many social science classes, so many humanities, an ethnic studies class which is usually linked to one of the other classes, a humanities or a social science. But in nursing specifically they like you to take psychology, which is usually psych 201 or 202, either one would fulfill that requirement. And then they want you to take psychology 250 which is a class that again is a social science class, but if you’re in nursing they’re going to want you to take that specific social science class. Sometimes things like Soc 101 will come into play. Another good course to take is Com 103. Com 103 is a speech class. It’s an AP class, and it fulfills that AP requirement, but a lot of nursing classes want you to have that specific class. So that’s something you should think about as well.
The other thing that comes into play, I think you said you were going to Oshkosh. And if you do plan on going to Oshkosh they have a special kind of pre-nursing course that they offer that you need to take before they’ll even allow you to get into the nursing program. So you want to make sure that you’re aware of that and have taken that. You kind of have to take that at the same time as you’re taking classes here at UW Fox in order to be able to apply. You know let’s say you do your two years here and in the spring of your sophomore year you would also be taking this pre-nursing class at UW Oshkosh, so that way you can get into the nursing program in the fall.
You also want to watch application deadlines and things like that to make sure that you’re well ahead of the game. You know when you’re going to need your application filled out, submitted.  And something that some students have told me before, is that you want to make sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s and have everything on there the right way, because with all these people applying to the nursing program in some cases they might just be looking for a reason to not look through your application. So, if anything is missing they tend to just discard it. So, you want to make sure that everything on there is filled out, filled out properly, good to go. Often times it helps to even talk to the nursing program people down at UW Oshkosh and have them help you out if you have any specific questions because again they’re the ones who are going to accept you, they’re the ones who know kind of any little picky requirements or anything like that. So if you get it right from them it’s very very helpful. You’d like to make a connection with them so they know who you are, and sometimes that will help you as far as getting entered into the program.
One of the things that’s very interesting, a lot of the students that come in for nursing originally want to transfer to UW Oshkosh. There is a waiting list to get in. It’s very difficult, very competitive, and so what happens is some of our nursing students will end up transferring to Marian which is in Fond du Lac or Bellin which is a program that they do in conjunction with UW Green Bay up in Green Bay. The reason why they do this is these are private institutions and because they’re private institutions the tuition is more because it’s not state subsidized, but on the other hand they’re much more likely to accept you because they want your tuition dollars. So, some students who are finding it maybe too difficult or too competitive to get into UW Oshkosh may opt for going to Marian or Bellin and finding that being able to apply there works out pretty well for them. So it really depends on your situation, what you want to do, but there are a few different options. And, because of the differences in how the schools are funded, that can affect perhaps your ability to get into the program. So it’s something to think about as well.