Private Tours

Visit the Weis for great group tours!

Looking for a unique activity for your social organization, for convention-goers or their spouses, for your group home or retirement community?

Learn about our prehistoric past as well as topics in today’s news, including:

  • natural disasters
  • climate change
  • mineral resources
  • dinosaurs


  • Our docents will provide an engaging, educational and fun tour of the museum for your group.
  • Participants will see displays, have additional hands-on opportunities, and get answers to their questions from our knowledgeable guides.
  • We provide fun and fulfilling learning experiences for visitors of all ages.
  • We can accommodate tours in both daytime and evening hours and on weekdays and weekends. Just ask!

The cost for group tours is $4 per person, with a minimum charge of $50.

Tour Reservations

Just call our reservation line at 920.832.2868 or reserve online.


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