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UWFox Faculty, Staff Receive Recognition

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley recently recognized a number of its faculty and staff members for outstanding accomplishment and service during the 2003-04 academic year.

RabideauSusan Rabideau (Kaukauna), Assistant Professor of Communication Arts and Theatre Director, was cited as, “Teacher of the Year.” Jeff Kuepper (Appleton), Student Activities Coordinator, was recognized as “Staff Member of the Year.” Rhonda Uschan (Appleton), Assistant Dean for Student Services, was presented with the “Rotary Cutting Edge Award.” Juli McGuire (Appleton), Dean’s Office Manager, was given the “Larry D. White Classified Staff Award.” Paula Lovell (Oshkosh), Lecturer in Communication Arts, was named the winner of the “Marilee White Instructional Academic Staff Award.”

For Rabideau, it has been an exceptional academic year for receiving awards. Her “Teacher of the Year Award” recognized the quality of her teaching, professional work, and service to the campus and community. In December she was named a UWFox recipient of the UW Colleges prestigious Kaplan Award for her efforts and accomplishments as a teacher and theatrical director. Rabideau joined the campus faculty in September 2001.

The UWFox Student Association presented its “Staff of the Year Award” to Kuepper for the fourth year in a row. The award is based on the popular vote of the student body. Kuepper has been a staff member at UWFox since 1997.

The “Rotary Cutting Edge Award” presented to Uschan recognized her as an educator who made significant contributions and displayed exemplary leadership and skill in developing and utilizing the advancement of administrative methods for the benefit of the UWFox community and improvement in the quality of service to the students at the campus. Uschan was appointed Director of Student Services at the campus in 1988, and was recently named Assistant Dean for Student Services.

McGuire was recognized with the “Larry D. White Classified Staff Award” for her excellence in service to the campus and for her work in supporting the overall operations that benefited the UWFox students. McGuire began her career at the campus in 1997.

LovellHer students and peers recognized Lovell, presented with the “Marilee White Instructional Academic Staff Award,” as one of the top lecturers in the classroom. As the advisor to, and for her work with, the campus newspaper, “The Fox Journal,” she extended her teaching beyond the classroom and into the realm of applied learning and practical experience for her students. Lovell began teaching at UWFox in 2000.

Posted 7/7/2004