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UWFox Offers 2006 Archaeology Field School

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is offering a unique opportunity for those interested in archaeology through its “Archaeology Field School,” being held from June 5 – 23, 2006 on a Trempealeau County farm in western Wisconsin. The course is being taught and led by Dr. Tom Pleger, associate professor of archaeology and anthropology at UWFox. Ms. Janet Speth, UWFox associate lecturer of anthropology, is the assistant field director for the project.

Trempeleau County“UWFox is the only UW Colleges campus to offer a field school in archaeology,” Pleger said. “This is a highly sought after course because it allows students to participate in an actual archaeological research project. We will be excavating a prehistoric Native American habitation site that dates to approximately 9000-3000 years before present. Students will experience field archaeology first hand and will participate in all aspects of the excavation of the site.”

As a UWFox Continuing Education Credit Outreach course, it is open to a variety of students including UWFox students, students from other UW Campuses, private colleges and university students, and teachers. The course is traditionally of interest to students of archaeology, anthropology, and history. Non-UWFox students can register as “Special Students.” There is a special pre-application that must be sent to Pleger in order to get permission to enroll in the course.

“Students or individuals who want to take this course should have previously taken an anthropology course and have my consent to enroll in the course,” Pleger related. “So far we have applications from students at UWFox, UWGB, UW-Superior, UW-Manitowoc, and UW-Madison.”

The field school takes place at a Late Paleo-Indian and Archaic archaeological site. Students are responsible for their own lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the site. A location for camping near the site will be provided. Students need to bring their own camping equipment. Bathrooms and running water are available at the campground, with showers and access to a swimming pool available for a daily fee.

Pleger, who also serves at associate dean at UWFox, requires that students must be in good health and must be capable of performing strenuous outdoor labor ten hours per day, five days per week and Saturday, June 11th. He adds, “Additional laboratory time may be required in the evenings and at least one field trip is planned to another site in the region. These students are expected to put in 160 hours of field and lab time in order to earn four credits.”

“We will be using the practical application of the basic skills used in the excavation of archaeological sites, including surveying techniques, methods of excavation, compilation of field data, and laboratory analysis through participation in an actual archaeological field project,” Pleger said.

For more information about the UWFox Archaeology Field School, contact Pleger at 920-832-2652 or email thomas.pleger@uwc.edu.

Posted 4/12/2006