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Adult Students Can Match Their Lifestyle to Their Learning at UWFox

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Tammy Brunette If you’ve ever wondered what it would take for you to start college as an adult student…or to return to college after a break of several years…here’s a great opportunity. Find out how you can pursue and earn a bachelor’s degree conveniently and in a way that can match your busy lifestyle. The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is hosting an “Open House,” on Thursday, August 2, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

“Adults who are interested in starting college at UWFox this fall have more options open to them than ever before,” according to Tammy Brunette, adult student services coordinator at UWFox. “Adults who have been out of college for awhile can also get a lot of information from us, and find out how they can continue their education here at UWFox.

“We’ve just introduced the ‘Accelerated Learning Program,’ that offers a new credited course every five weeks. Classes meet one evening per week with students doing their supplemental work through the internet,” Brunette explained.

“Pre-registration isn’t necessary. We want interested individuals to drop by and meet with us, when it’s convenient for them to do so, during the late afternoon and early evening on August 2. They can talk to an advisor, if they’d like to do that. Folks who come to the Open House don’t have to stay for the entire two hours.”

UWFox offers bachelor’s degrees through collaborations with various baccalaureate campuses throughout the UW System. This includes a Bachelor’s of Liberal Studies Degree in Organizational Administration through UW-Oshkosh, Bachelor’s of Science Degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering through UW-Platteville and a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies through UW-Stevens Point. All classes for these degree programs are held at the UWFox campus. UWFox also offers UW-Stout's Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Management.

“Students can earn their bachelor’s degree by taking all of their classes here at UWFox,” Brunette said. “And, they can put those three powerful words on their resume: University of Wisconsin.”

Information about all of the collaborative bachelor’s degree programs, the new Accelerated Learning Program (ALP), the Alternative Careers in Teaching (act!) program, as well as the Associate of Arts and Science degree will be made available for those attending the Open House.

Brunette explains that, “This is a great opportunity for anyone to meet first hand with UWFox advisors. Questions about our collaborative bachelor’s degree programs can be answered. Transfer students can learn how they can complete their general education requirement before transferring to a four-year institution. Individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree and work experience can pursue a teacher’s licensure in math or science through the act! program. This is a great opportunity to discover all that we have to offer here at UWFox,” Brunette said.

For more information about the UWFox Open House on August 2, please contact Brunette at 832-2620, or via email at tammy.brunette@uwc.edu. With an enrollment of approximately 1,700 students, UWFox is the second largest of the 13 campuses that comprise the UW Colleges. The campus is located at 1478 Midway Road, Menasha.

Posted 7/27/2007