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UWFox Announces Dean's List for Spring 2005 Semester

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

The University of Wisconsin–Fox Valley recently announced the names of its students that earned Dean’s List honors for the Spring 2005 semester.

The Dean’s List Honors are awarded to full-time students carrying at least 12 semester credits used to determine grade point averages, and have a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average for the semester. Part-time students who have earned at least 15 credits with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5, and carry a minimum of 3 semester credits used in determining their grade point average, with a minimum of 3.5 for the semester, are awarded Dean’s List Honors for the semester.

Those students who achieved Dean’s List “Honors” earned a 3.50 to 3.74 grade point average (GPA) for the semester. To be recognized with “High Honors,” students had to be in the 3.75 to 3.99 GPA range, while “Highest Honors” are accorded to those students who attained a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Campus Dean - Jim PerryAccording to UWFox Campus Dean / CEO Jim Perry, “Academic accomplishments such as this should never be underestimated in their importance. Hundreds of thousands of students are enrolled in colleges and universities nationwide. Only a small percentage of students attain what these students have. And, they’ve done it at a university known for its academic rigor.”

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is one of the 13 campuses that comprise the UW Colleges, specializing in the freshman-sophomore curriculum. With a student body enrollment of nearly 1,700 students, UWFox now offers bachelor’s degree programs at its Menasha campus through collaborations with various baccalaureate campuses throughout the UW System.

UW-Fox Valley Dean's List Spring 2005
First Last City Term GPA
Karen Abel* Appleton Highest Honors
Angela Bethel* Appleton Highest Honors
Tamara Blume* Appleton Highest Honors
Kayla Colombo Appleton Highest Honors
Dylan Gouty* Appleton Highest Honors
Derek Griesbach Appleton Highest Honors
Carla Holcomb Appleton Highest Honors 
Stephanie Kangas Appleton Highest Honors 
Erik Kolda Appleton  Highest Honors 
Karen Kolosso* Appleton Highest Honors 
Katherine Larsen* Appleton  Highest Honors 
Cheryl McChesney* Appleton  Highest Honors 
Jennifer Noll Appleton  Highest Honors 
Kris Regeth Appleton  Highest Honors 
Melanie Schroeder* Appleton Highest Honors 
Matthew Thiel Chilton Highest Honors 
Breanna Welch Greenville Highest Honors 
Deanna Pahl Kaukauna Highest Honors 
Tina Wallace Kaukauna Highest Honors 
Sara Mann* Larsen Highest Honors 
Rose Selle Larsen Highest Honors 
Jeffrey Prokash Menasha Highest Honors 
Josh Reigel Menasha Highest Honors 
Jacklyn Brubaker Neenah Highest Honors 
Dawn Cook* Neenah Highest Honors 
Rhonda Daily Neenah Highest Honors 
Jennifer Fredrickson Neenah Highest Honors 
Kasey Harroun Neenah Highest Honors 
Katherine Jones Neenah Highest Honors 
Kathleen Neubert Neenah Highest Honors 
Petra Otto* Neenah Highest Honors 
Diane Pickett Neenah Highest Honors 
Todd VanDeslunt* Neenah Highest Honors 
Cynthia Hofkens New London Highest Honors 
Rachel Johanek Rockford Highest Honors 
Anna Simeth* Shiocton Highest Honors 
Kevin Schultz* Van Dyne Highest Honors 
Eric-John Gilgenbach* Winneconne Highest Honors 
Jeffrey Babiarz Appleton High Honors 
Aaron Barger Appleton High Honors
Robin Beresford Appleton High Honors 
Amber Bessett Appleton  High Honors 
Tina Breister Appleton  High Honors 
John Byrne Appleton  High Honors 
Meghan Day Appleton  High Honors 
Sarah Hanson Appleton  High Honors 
Theresa Kelderman Appleton  High Honors 
Mark Lenz Appleton  High Honors 
Rachel Luchterhand Appleton  High Honors 
Angela Morlock Appleton  High Honors 
Elizabeth Mueller* Appleton  High Honors 
Jennifer Peiffer Appleton  High Honors 
Nicolle Potter Appleton  High Honors 
Traci Price Appleton  High Honors 
Christopher Richards Appleton  High Honors 
Petra Robinson Appleton  High Honors 
Jillian Santkuyl Appleton  High Honors 
Michelle  Stark* Appleton  High Honors 
Daniel Stelter Appleton  High Honors 
Joshua Suhonen Appleton  High Honors 
Cassandra Tatrow Appleton High Honors 
Sara Eickert Brillion High Honors 
Kimberly Ecker Chilton High Honors 
Michelle Brittnacher Greenleaf High Honors 
Grant Kolbe Hilbert High Honors 
Nicole Mcclone Hilbert High Honors 
Danielle Biese Kaukauna High Honors 
Sarah Dopkins Kaukauna High Honors 
Elena Fassbender Kaukauna High Honors 
Andrew Gilbertson Kaukauna  High Honors 
Erik Kraemer Kaukauna  High Honors 
Carrie Meyer Kaukauna  High Honors 
Sarah Nelson* Kaukauna  High Honors 
Joshua Schuh Kaukauna  High Honors 
Curtis Durbin Kimberly High Honors 
Gale Jeffery* Kimberly  High Honors 
Klaire Laux Menasha High Honors 
Justin Meyers Menasha High Honors 
Michelle Mischler Menasha  High Honors 
Elizabeth Parker Menasha  High Honors 
Gary Robinson* Menasha  High Honors 
Joanna Schumacher Menasha  High Honors 
Bradley Bathke Neenah High Honors 
Jason Heinen Neenah High Honors 
Jeffrey Hoehne Neenah  High Honors 
Jeremey Landskron Neenah  High Honors 
Ann Pabst* Neenah  High Honors 
Jennifer Reed Neenah  High Honors 
Chris Streufert Neenah High Honors 
Amanda Westphal Neenah  High Honors 
Cheryl Behnke Reedsville High Honors 
Autumn Vander Velden Shiocton High Honors 
Simone Muff Switzerland High Honors 
Lindsey Anderson Appleton Honors
Melissa Baumann Appleton Honors 
Dirk Bavinck Appleton Honors 
Jennifer Behnke Appleton  Honors 
Lindsey Bender Appleton  Honors 
Amy Bertram* Appleton  Honors 
Christopher Bodoh Appleton  Honors 
Rachel Case Appleton  Honors 
Mary Daul Appleton  Honors 
Elizabeth Depies Appleton  Honors 
Blair Drager Appleton  Honors 
David Eichelberger Appleton  Honors 
Christian Eversen Appleton  Honors 
Peggy Faulks Appleton


Michelle Hamernik Appleton Honors 
Melanie Horn Appleton  Honors 
Bobbi Jome Appleton  Honors 
Stephanie Kirk Appleton Honors 
Karen McDonald-Long Appleton  Honors 
Joseph Murphy Appleton  Honors 
Jerome Ott* Appleton  Honors 
Graham Petit Appleton  Honors 
Richard Rathsack Jr. Appleton  Honors 
Kaitlin Rheingans Appleton  Honors 
Brian  Sajdak Appleton  Honors 
Aaron Schultz Appleton  Honors 
Paula Sosalla* Appleton  Honors 
Lucas Spivey Appleton  Honors 
Katherine Unke Appleton  Honors 
Marcus Van Grinsven Appleton  Honors 
Ethan Wagner Appleton  Honors 
Emily Woodkey Appleton  Honors 
Mina Young Appleton  Honors 
Jacob Leeman Bonduel  Honors 
Ellen Johnson Columbus  Honors 
Maria Gutierrez* Greenville  Honors 
Sarah Peterson Greenville  Honors 
Lindsey Stifter Greenville  Honors 
Angela Van Straten Greenville Honors
Kristin Kessler Hortonville Honors
Andrea Steudel Horonville Honors
Lena DiMatteo Kaukauna Honors
Joseph Holschuh Kaukauna Honors
Kristine Pelkey Kaukauna Honors
Elaine Pethan Kiel Honors
Angela Wettstein Kimberly Honors
Angela Czaja Little Chute Honors
Jessica Hubeny* Little Chute Honors
Elizabeth Slater Little Chute Honors
Virginia Elandt* Menasha Honors
Brian Foster* Menasha Honors
Sara Harvell Menasha Honors
Joseph Johnson Menasha Honors
Ashley Sanders Menasha Honors
Philip Steffens Menasha Honors
Chad Thomack Menasha Honors
Angela Thomas Menasha Honors
Jenny Eisch Neenah Honors
Michael Febo Jr. Neenah Honors
Molly Hjerstedt Neenah Honors
Christopher Holdren Neenah Honors
Ashley Luka Neenah Honors
Daniel Meehl* Neenah Honors
Matthew Schmidt Neenah Honors
Joan Terry* Neenah Honors
Michele Theisen Neenah Honors
April Hermes New London Honors
Brittany Hilbert New London Honors
Brad Berger Oshkosh Honors
Justin Skiba Seymour Honors
Amy Timm Weyauwega Honors
Heather Poad Winneconne Honors


Posted 6/28/2005