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UWFox Hosts 'Information Session'

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is hosting a special information session on Tuesday, July 28, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the campus’ Emeritus Room.

Tammy Brunette, adult student advisor, explained that the session will cover a range of program opportunities for individuals interested in starting, or completing, a bachelor’s degree. “UWFox offers a lot of flexibility for adults that have a busy schedule or many obligations. We have the Fast Track Program, the Associate Degree option, five bachelor’s degrees, on-line courses, and distance learning, all conveniently offered here at the campus,” she said.

“We can help you find the program that fits your schedule as well as your needs. Bring a friend and visit with our advisors,” Brunette suggested.

For more information about the UWFox Information Session on July 28, contact Brunette at 832-2620 or email tammy.brunette@uwc.edu.

Posted 07/21/2009