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UWFox set to showcase alumnus’ success in art gallery

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On Nov. 11, the Jeffrey Prokash art show debuts in the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Aylward Gallery. The show will run from Nov. 11 through Dec. 6. On Nov. 15 there will be a 5 p.m. reception and gallery talk that is free and open to the public. Jeff Prokash Painting Image

Prokash is a UWFox alumnus. The central theme in his painted work revolves around the notion of the continuity of life and how it relates to the human condition. His latest work largely revolves around mankind’s precarious relationship with our natural and constructed surroundings.

Driven by a continual desire for progress we, as a society, strive to overcome the insurmountable laws of nature. As a result, we often find ourselves at odds with these forces. As Jeff would like to highlight the constantly evolving state of the human domain, he has produced images that depict structures caught in the temporary state between construction and demolition.

“It is my pleasure to display such thought-provoking artwork in the Alyward Gallery,” Terry Bergen, interim director of the Alyward Gallery said. “It is an honor to have Jeffrey’s work showcased. He is an alumni success story that I believe will inspire all UWFox students to stay driven and accomplish their own educational and career goals.”

For more information visit www.uwfox.uwc.edu/cac/gallery, visit the Alyward Gallery Facebook page or call (920) 832-2824.


Posted 11/6/2013