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UW-Fox Valley Announces Kaplan Award Winners for 2003-2004

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley has announced that three members of its faculty have been awarded the UW Colleges prestigious Arthur M. Kaplan Award for the current academic year.

This year's award recipients at UWFox are:

  • William “Bill” Bultman, Associate Professor of Computer Science;
  • Susan Rabideau, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts and Theatre Director;
  • Dubear Kroening, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences.

Professor Bill BultmanBultman, of Appleton, was recognized for championing “the use of computers on campus in teaching, research, and administrative applications,” said Bill Messner, Chancellor of the UW Colleges. Bultman also wrote several campus-specific software. One program helped keep the campus community informed about campus events and another was used to analyze and distribute teaching evaluation data. He further served on numerous campus committees and played a key role in the development and authoring of the campus web page.

Professor Susan RabideauRabideau, of Kaukauna, had several successful stage productions over the past year. Her production of “The Vagina Monologues” at UWFox generated enough revenue to raise a $5,500 for a local domestic abuse shelter. Among her other accomplishments in 2003, she helped establish two scholarships for outstanding theatrical students and helped develop and eventually taught freshman-year experience courses at UWFox. Messner called Rabideau a “beloved teacher, a cherished colleague, and a productive member of UW-Fox Valley’s community.”

Professor Dubear KroeningKroening, of Appleton, was cited for his development of a hybrid course and his innovative teaching methods, “both of which have brought forth improvement in instruction and student participation,” Messner related. Kroening also made extensive use of online technology to further enhance UWFox students’ learning and computer skills.

According Messner, "The Arthur M. Kaplan Award program was established to recognize the outstanding contributions made to education by UW Colleges faculty and academic staff. It recognizes the very positive spirit that Provost / Vice Chancellor Emeritus Arthur M. Kaplan contributed to the enhancement of education in the UW Colleges."

Each of the 13 individual campuses around the state that collectively make up the UW Colleges claims its own Kaplan Award winner(s).

The award, begun in 1993, is a grant provided to the individual and the campus that is to be used for professional development or necessary supplies and equipment. In some cases, individual campus foundations match institutional funds.

Posted 1/14/2004