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[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley has announced that three members of its faculty have been awarded the UW Colleges prestigious Arthur M. Kaplan Award for the current academic year.

This year's award recipients at UWFox are:

  • Darren DeFrain, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English;
  • Jeff Kuepper, Student Activities Coordinator;
  • Martin Rudd, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

Dr. DeFrainDeFrain was recognized for his “areas of course work, innovative use of technology in the classroom, and contributions to student success beyond the classroom,” according to Dr. Margaret Cleek, Interim Chancellor of the UW Colleges. He was also praised for his efforts at having “successfully placed students at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference [held annually in Utah].” DeFrain was also given credit for having “enriched the learning environment of the entire campus by starting a film series.” Cleek said, “You are a role model for your students as a successful published author.”

Mr. Jeff KuepperKuepper was cited by Cleek for having “organized several lecture series and then built … courses around them” and working with a colleague to have “created the first learning community at [UW]Fox.” Additionally, he was recognized for his coordination of “several philanthropic programs on campus” as well as having “written successful grants for and helped organize several Ethnic Reading Seminars to bring students, faculty and community members together to learn about various ethnic cultures in Wisconsin.” Cleek extended recognition to him for having “organized and coordinated several leadership workshops for students,” including “portions of the Student Success Series….”

Dr. RuddRudd was named an award winner for his “dedication” to his students, according to Cleek. She said, “Not only are you an outstanding teacher, you have become an advisor and mentor to many students.” Cleek elaborated further, saying, “Your various teaching techniques have helped many students understand complex chemical concepts, rather than a select few.” She expanded her praise by saying, “As a mentor, you are an inspiration. Students tell us that you have personally affected their lives in many positive ways. You have clearly shown a true interest in seeing your students succeed, not only in their careers, but in life as well.”

The Arthur M. Kaplan Award program was established to recognize the outstanding contributions made to education by UW Colleges faculty and academic staff. “It recognizes the very positive spirit that Provost / Vice Chancellor Emeritus Arthur M. Kaplan contributed to the enhancement of education in the UW Colleges," said Chancellor Cleek.

Each of the 13 individual campuses around the state that collectively make up the UW Colleges claims its own Kaplan Award winner(s). UWFox is the second largest of the UW Colleges campuses, with nearly 1,700 students enrolled in the fall of 2004.

The award, begun in 1993, is a grant provided to the individual and the campus that is to be used for professional development or necessary supplies and equipment. In some cases, individual campus foundations match institutional funds.

Posted on 1/11/2005