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UWFox to "Pump it Up for the Earth!"

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The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is hosting a special Earth Week event on Friday, April 24, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  “Pump it Up for the Earth!” Students, faculty and staff are participating in the event and will be checking tire pressure on cars and then inflating the tires to proper levels, if needed.  “Pump it Up” is being held in the main circle driveway area on the west side of the campus, near the Barlow Planetarium

According to Joy Perry, lecturer in biological sciences, “The event is being marketed to UWFox students, faculty and staff, and the general public is invited to participate as well.”

The “Pump it Up” program was conceived and designed by the UWFox Campus Sustainability Committee.

“Keeping tire pressure at levels recommended by the car manufacturer can increase fuel economy and reduce tire wear,” Perry said. “In addition, there are environmental, economic, and safety benefits of having tires inflated properly.“

Read "The Effects of Underinflation on Tire Wear" (PDF)

For more information about the “Pump it Up for the Earth” event on April 24 at UWFox, contact Perry at 920-832-2600 or email joy.perry@uwc.edu.

Posted 04/20/2009