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UWFox Presents "Save the Planet"

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Save the Planet CastsRarely does a musical offer people of all ages the opportunity to be entertained and educated simultaneously. That's what makes "To Save the Planet" so unique.

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is presenting "To Save the Planet," by Tobin James Mueller, on Sept. 18-20 at the Fine Arts Theatre. Tickets are $5, and shows will be held at 7 p.m. each day, with a 2 p.m. show added Sept. 20.

The musical follows an environmental scientist and his dedicated daughter as they journey to the world's worst ecological hot spots. At every stop, the upbeat music reflects the cultural heritage of the country. As the story unfolds, more and more of Earth's creatures are lost to extinction.

But it isn't until the children disappear that the people really take notice. Once found, the scientist must convince them to return so that, together, they can save the planet.

Professor Susan Rabideau“This is something that I think everyone should see,” said Assistant Professor Susan Rabideau, who is producing the musical. “It won four environmental awards, which is really impressive. It has a lot of strong messages.”

The 23 cast members range in age from 40 to 19 years old.

Chris PazdernikChris Pazdernik, a senior at Xavier High School, will be the director as part of a mentorship program.

Also, UWFox received a grant from International Papers, allowing it to perform "To Save the Planet" at several area grade schools on Friday, Sept. 19. The specific schools haven't been determined yet.

Mueller's musical has been performed more than 300 times in seven countries. It won the 1994 United Nations' Global 500 Award, the 1994 Wisconsin Association of Environmental Educators' Earthguard Award and the 1993 Midwest Renewable Energy Association's Environmental Excellence Award.

For tickets, call the UWFox box office at 920-832-2646.

Posted 9/18/2003