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Astronaut Harrison Schmitt to Speak At Weis Earth Science Museum Dedication

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

Apollo 17 Astronaut Harrison "Jack" Schmitt is the keynote speaker at the official dedication ceremony for the Weis Earth Science Museum (WESM) on Monday, May 6, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the Student Union on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley in Menasha.

Schmitt has the diverse experience of a geologist, pilot, astronaut, administrator, businessman, writer, and U. S. Senator. He studied at Caltech, as a Fulbright Scholar at Oslo, and at Harvard, receiving his Ph.D. in geology in 1964 based on field studies in Norway. After joining the USGS in 1964, Schmitt became one of the first scientist astronauts in 1965. As a civilian, Schmitt received Air Force jet pilot wings in 1966 and Navy helicopter wings in 1967. Selected for the Scientist-Astronaut program in 1965, Schmitt, a native of Silver City, NM, served as Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 17 - the last Apollo mission to the moon. On December 11, 1972, he landed in the Valley of Taurus-Littrow as the only scientist and the last of 12 men to step on the Moon.

In 1975, after two years managing NASA's Energy Program Office, Schmitt fulfilled a long-standing personal commitment by entering politics in 1976. He served in the U.S. Senate from 1977 through 1982, representing his home state of New Mexico.

Harrison Schmitt holds an appointment as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Engineering, University of Wisconsin, teaching "Resources from Space." Schmitt's corporate board memberships include Orbital Sciences Corporation, the Draper Laboratory, and PhDx Systems, Inc. He is a founder and serves as Chairman of Interlune Intermars Initiative, Inc., advancing the private sector's acquisition of lunar resources and its development of 3He fusion power.

As the keynote speaker for this prestigious event, Schmitt joins other notable presenters on the agenda, including UWFox Dean/CEO Jim Perry, Senator Herb Kohl, Wisconsin Poet Laureate Ellen Kort, UW Colleges Chancellor Bill Messner, WESM Director Joanne Kluessendorf, and WESM donor Len Weis.

Posted 5/6/2002